Thiruvakkarai Vakra Kali Temple: Timings, Mythology, Architecture

Thiruvalkarai Vakra Kali Temple

Tamil Nadu is a state full of temples and religious beliefs and indeed visiting such beautiful temples purify our souls and relaxes our mind and heart.

One such temple is located at Thiruvakkarai nea Thindivanam in Villupuram known as Thiruvakkarai Vakra Kali Temple dedicated to Maa Kali.

The mythology behind the temple

It is believed that once a demon Vakrasuran was killed by Varsdaraja Perumal, an avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. Tanuki, Vakrasuran’s sister was ravaged by Devi Vakrakaliamman, but during the war the demoness was pregnant, thus Devi held the fetus in Tunmuki’s womb as a Kundalini in her right ear and killed her. Later on, Devi Vakrakaliamman raised the child and named him Thiruvakkarai It is known and believed that handling the anger of Devi Kali is not everyone’s cup of tea and thus after this war Adi Shankara came and calmed Devi Kali’s anger.

Architecture and Idol

The temple is located in the middle of the town. The temple has many deities like Bhagwan Shiva, Vadivaambigai, Bhagwan Vishnu and Chandrashekhar. The Idol of Chandrashekhar I’d the temple has three faces not seen elsewhere. The most attractive idol of the temple is Devi Kali’s temple. The idol is slightly bent towards one side, with eight hands, a small baby as her earring, and a skull of a dead demon as her crown. In the temple, the Bhagwan Shiva idol is having three faces. 

There’s also a big Shivlinga with 1008 lingams in it which is called Sahasra Lingam.


It is believed in this temple and by the locals as well that if a person with Property or marriage problems visits this temple for 3 weeks and offers prayers, then their problems can be solved. It is also believed that the person can perform temple rituals on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday to fulfil his/her wishes. Any person suffering from mental or physical illness can visit the temple and perform Pooja on Full moon days. It is also believed that devotees can write their problems in a paper and it to the sceptre of Devi Vakrakaliamman. Another fact about this temple is Lord Varadharaja Perumal is having Prayoga Chakra.


Festivals and Puja

Vishnu and Shiva are worshipped in this temple with a lot of beliefs and prayers. To get rid of pitru dosh, sins, to attain prosperity and peace, to get rid of obstacles and to achieve goals and happiness. 

A special puja is performed to get rid of Pancha Kannika Dosh in the temple for girls who are wishing for an idol man. There is a special belief followed her to perform Pradhakshanas, one should first do 5 Pradhakshanas towards their right and then 4 Pradhakshanas towards their left to get released from any bad actions plotted against them. 


How to reach the temple?

Thiruvakkarai is about 137 km from Chennai and 30kms from Pondicherry.

And by Air, the nearest airports are Chennai Airport and Pondicherry Airport. 

By Railway, the nearest railway station is Tindivanam which is at a distance of 25 kms. 

By road, one can take several buses from Tamilnadu to Thiruvakkarai.



The general timing of the temple is 

Morning Puja Timing’s Evening Puja Timing’s
 6 AM to 12 PM 5 PM to 8.30 PM


Contacts –

Address – Sri Vakrakaliamman Sanatthi, Thiruvakkarai, Tamil Nadu 605501

Contact no. – +91 4132688949


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