Role and Importance of Moon in Astrology | Moon Presence in Various Houses

Moon is the only satellite of the planet earth. It orbits in an elliptic path. Moon is a luminary planet in astrology, though all it does in actual reality is reflect the sun's light. Interestingly, it is worth noting that only one-half of the moon is visible from the earth.

Moon and Related Elements:
Day: Monday
Colour: White
Metal: Silver
Gemstone: Pearl, Moon Stone
Significator (Karak): Mother
Nature: Calm and peaceful
Direction: Vayavya (North–West)
Friendly planets: Moon, Mars, and Jupiter
Enemy planets: Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn
Neutral planets: Mercury
Constellation ruled: Rohini, Hasta, and Sravana
Own sign: Cancer
Mool Trikon: Taurus
Exalted sign: Taurus
Debilitated sign: Scorpio
Body parts ruled: Eyes, lungs, heart, and fluid elements in the body
Special Features: Beautiful Face
Ailments by Moon: Depression, cardiac problem, cold and cough, respiratory ailments, TB, fear, and weak eyesight.

A Well placed moon signifies Intelligence and Imagination.
Malefic placed moon causes depression, jealousy, and arrogance.

Indian Mythology
The mythology has a fascinating story about the origins, waxing, and waning of the moon.
Moon, aka Chandra, is the son of sage Atri. The Dasha Disha's nursed him to adolescence. Once he was of age, he married 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati. The 27 daughters are the 27 nakshatras mentioned in astrology, starting from Ashwini to Revathi. Chandra would spend one day with each of his wives so that none would feel neglected. Even then, the fact that he favored his wife Rohini the most could not be hidden.
Once, in a moment of weakness, Chandra eloped with the wife of Brihaspati (or Jupiter) – Deva Guru. When the incident came to light, Daksha was furious. It was then he cursed the moon to never appear in the night and vanish altogether.  
Chandra, realizing his mistake, begged Daksha to forgive him. Daksha took pity on him and said a curse cannot be removed but can be altered. He then said, "You will gradually grow in Shukla paksha to become full moon, and from then you will wane and completely vanish for one day in Krishna paksha."
Realistically, Shukla Paksha belongs to the bright side of the Moon and Krishna Paksha to the dark side.

Western Mythology
Where Indian mythology associates the moon with masculine quality, western mythology associates the moon with feminine quality. Roman catholic texts show the moon as the Virgin Mary and mother of heavens. Moon is the queen of the night and is named Luna or Diana. She is said to be the twin sister of Apollo.

Strength of Moon in Astrology

Vedic astrology considers the moon as a planet or all calculations. It is the fastest moving of all the planets in astrology. Vedic astrologers regard the moon as the queen as they take the moon's position in ascendant Lagna – Chandra Lagna, for predicting the outcome of human actions.
According to ancient texts on Vedic astrology, the moon is the ruler of the mind and emotions. It is the Karak planet for mother, mind, brain, intelligence, good behavior, and pregnancy. Vedic astrology associates the moon with gardens, salt, medicines, change, travel abroad, milk, pride, etc.
With water as its primary element, all the liquids are under the influence of the moon. Hence, one can experience high tides during the full moon.

Jupiter aspects of Moon in Vedic astrology
When the Moon conjoins with auspicious planets like Jupiter, it brings excellent results. Gaja Kesari yoga, one of the most auspicious yoga, occurs when Moon and Jupiter are in proper Kendra's from each other. A person with Gaja Kesari yoga earns great prosperity in personal and professional life.

Horoscope Study: Moon's presence in Various Houses 

Effect of the Moon on when 1st House: The presence of the moon in the first house shows the dawning of fortune. It also implies a person posses a soft approach to everything.

2nd House: The presence of the moon in the house of possession brings financial problems and social disturbances depending on other planets in the horoscope.

3rd House: Moon in the 3rd house makes a person creative and intuitive. They also become travelers and will express their feelings without hindrance. 

4th House: A person with Moon in the 4th house will be attached to their mother. They will also fear the loss of reputation.

5th House: A person with the moon in the 5th house of the horoscope will make an excellent parent, possess great creativity, and have a firm hold in financial matters. The presence of adverse planets in the horoscope can lead to loss of concentration and sorrow.

6th House: The presence of the moon in the 6th house will help the person lead a relatively disease-free life and bless with success in competitions. People with the moon in this house are excellent healers.

7th House: The presence of the moon in the 7th house will lead to all-around happiness. They will be blessed with good partners and progeny. Travel is also on cards for them.

8th House: Though the people with the moon in the 8th house accumulate wealth and enjoy financial gains, they may face sudden obstructions in life

9th House: Moon’s presence makes the person travel long distances by water. They follow family traditions and ideals. They must be cautious when it comes to health.

10th House: The presence of the moon in the 10th house makes people seek high career positions. They possess charismatic personalities and influence others easily. 

11th House: People with the moon in the 11th house make long-lasting friendships and build strong public relations. 

12th House: Unwanted expenditures occur when the moon’s presence is in the 12th house. People tend to believe in occult science and are spiritual.

Horoscope Study: Moon's presence in Various Zodiacs 

Aries Moon: When the Moon is in Aries, a person is susceptible to sudden discouragement because of poor decision-making skills.

Taurus Moon: The moon's presence in Taurus pushes the person towards emotional devotion but makes it difficult to express their feelings.

Gemini Moon: One step away from the home zodiac, the moon's presence in Gemini stimulates the mind to be imaginative, social, and communicative, or, on the contrary, detached and distant.

Cancer Moon: When the Moon arrives home, sensitivity is high. The person may find it easy to fully and freely express their emotions. 

Leo Moon: Leo Moon burns sensitivity but increases the fires of will and desire to experience rare sensations.

Virgo Moon: The Moon in Virgo reveals in individuals a sensibility related to the immediate present, which prohibits them from any form of abandonment.

Libra Moon: Emotions may run high with the moon's presence in Libra, but logical thinking will persevere. The decision-making skills will also be questioned. 

Scorpio Moon: Our feelings will be amplified if the moon's present in Scorpio. The passion and desire to move forward will be stronger than ever.

Sagittarius Moon: The Moon in Sagittarius will boost optimism and encourage people to change their lives and seek an alternative life path.

Capricorn Moon: Moon's presence in Capricorn makes people focus on their life goals. It sheds a positive influence on those with big dreams.

Aquarius moon: The moon in Aquarius sows the need to learn new things and explore different horizons. It will also help the natives to develop new and intellectual relationships that will push their careers forward.

Pisces Moon: Moon in Pisces lights up the imagination, and the sense of creativity will know no bounds, making the person come up with some excellent ideas. 

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