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Evil Eye

The evil eye(Drishti) is a popular belief that somebody can voluntarily or involuntarily bring disease and disgrace to another person by looking at them, usually brought on by envy. In some cultures, the belief is focused on children, where someone can inadvertently give a child the evil eye by complimenting them, as it draws in negative energy. If you think you or your child is suffering from the evil eye, you can use the evil eye pendants, Necklace, Bracelet, Anklets, Key chain, Wall Hangigs are the different evil eye products helps to diagnose and cure it.

Try the Touch Method

The least demanding approach to fix the evil eye, as per a few, is to have the individual who caused the evil eye contact the kid. Since the evil eye is typically unexpected, the individual ought to have no issue with essentially contacting the youngster. It doesn’t make a difference where the kid is contacted. On the hand or temple should get the job done. This conviction is most unmistakable in Hispanic societies. The evil eye is as far as anyone knows caused (once in a while) by an individual complimenting a kid without contacting that person.

Use an Egg

In Mexico and Latin countries, some parents use an egg. They pass the egg over the child’s body, commonly a prayer is said along with this such as the Our Father, and then put the egg in the bowl beneath the pillow. They leave it there during the night and check to see if the white is foggy in the morning. If it is, the child was affected by the evil eye. This method also cures the evil eye at the same time.

Try Hand Gestures

Some say that making certain gestures with your hand can ward off or cure the evil eye. One gesture is the Mano Cornuto, which is just a fist with the index and pinkie extended (horned hand). Point your hand down when making this gesture. Another is the mano fico, where you stick your thumb in between your index finger and middle finger (fig hand) in a fist. Some Italians carry a little red horn (Corna) around by wearing it or keeping it on a key chain. The horn is worn in place of making the horned hand sign.

Find a six-sided mirror

One method said to cure the evil eye is the use of a mirror to reflect bad energy. This method is used in China. You simply hang the mirror in a front window or on the front door. Some people in India also use mirrors to cure or ward off the evil eye. However, instead of placing it in the home, small mirrors are sewn into clothes or worn on the body.

Use a healer

Folk healers often provide cures for the evil eye. If you don’t feel confident in healing the evil yourself, you can try a healer, who will perform the rituals for you.

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