Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Health Benefits, Light Therapy and How to Use the Lamp

A simple search on google tells you how popular are these Himalayan rock salt lamps. It's beautiful shades of pink, and the gentle hue makes these perfect natural art a lovely fit for your enhancing your decor. The salt range in the Punjab province of Pakistan is the home of these beautiful crystals. These crystals are a fantastic art of nature. Each lamp has a distinct tint. Making each lamp unique.

What is Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp?

Himalayan rock salt originates from deep underground mines on the Salt Range in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the only source of real Himalayan pink salt. The colors of these salt rocks range from a light pink to reddish-orange hue.

Himalayan salt lamps are solid, hand-carved salt blocks. Artisans carve out a hollow in the center of the salt block and fit it with a low-wattage light bulb. The halogen fittings bring out the distinct colors of the Himalayan salt lamp. When switched on, the lovely pink and orange shades will transform your living areas into a peaceful and relaxing place. Himalayan rock salt is also considered as a Vastu item that can be placed at home or office.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Health Benefits:

Advocates of the Himalayan salt lamp report many benefits of having this beautiful lamp either at home or office. While the most apparent benefit is improving the ambiance of the space, there are many more. 

  • According to salt lamp users, when lit, it emits negative ions. These negative ions fight positively charged particles such as pollens, smoke, pet dander, and other pollutants purifying the surrounding air. Summarizing, they act as natural air purifiers.
  • Placing a salt lamp at work can improve your concentration, increasing your productivity.
  • The salt lamps are natural air deodorizers. They remove odors like cigarette smoke, fish odors, or any other potent smell.
  • One of the most potent health benefits is for people with asthma or other breathing problem. The salt lamp pulls the water vapor, and thus the micro-pollutants trapped in the water molecules. Then the heat from the lamp bulb dries the mist, leaving the trapped dirt particles on the salt.
  • Keeping a Himalayan salt lamp next to your TV, computer, or other appliances to help to reduce or neutralize EM radiation exposure.
  • You can also notice a reduction in static electricity in the air surrounding the salt lamp.

Light Therapy with Himalayan Salt lamps

Salt lamps are beneficial when used in light therapy. The natural glow of a salt lamp imitates the warm glow of the sun. Hence, it is also said to drive away depressing thoughts. 
Though it does not receive approval in wider circles, people who undergo the treatment are reaping benefits of the same. 
The salt lamp contains at least 84 different minerals that give them their unique colors and patterns. Salt lamps usually comprise 4 significant and pleasing colors.

How to Use Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

You don't have a set of rules for placing the Salt lamp. It looks good almost everywhere and enhances the interiors where placed. 
Since salt absorbs negative energy, you can set the salt lamp at the entrance, to keep negative energies at bay.

Another apt place for the salt lamps is the mediation and the yoga rooms. Gazing into the soft light from the lamp stabilizes your emotions, helping you reap the maximum benefits of meditation and yoga.

Having the Himalayan rock salt lamp at your office neutralizes the positive ions in the area, increasing the efficiency of your brain. Because of the heightened flow of oxygen, your mind keeps you sharp and focused, thus increasing productivity. Placing a salt lamp in your child's study also yields the same result.

The Himalayan salt lamps make the best bed lights in the world. The soothing light emitted by salt lamps can help you fall into deep sleep faster. The pleasant & relaxing amber glow of the salt lamp makes it a perfect coffee-table and desks decor. You can also create a romantic mood with the variable dimmer dial, thus, an ideal alternative for a candlelight dinner.

The only downside of the lamps is that you will have to replace the halogen bulbs frequently. But they are readily available online. When you have so many benefits, the minor downside should not sway your decision to buy this perfect lamp, which is also apt for gifting. Always make sure to purchase authentic products from a trustworthy portal like the pujaNpujari. Once you buy the Himalayan rock salt lamp, we assure you that you will not be disappointed with the results.

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