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Sphatik Mala

Ancient Indian scriptures are a rich source of knowledge. They contain various verses that emphasize using various earthly resources to get out of tough situations. One such medium is crystals or beads strung together to form Japa mala. According to ancient Vedic astrology, Sphatik implies a clear crystal. It is a substitute for Diamond and possesses various beneficial properties. Many sphatik beads are strung together to form Sphatik mala. 

Scientific Benefits:

  • Sphatik beads are also known as Quartz crystals and are very popular among gem therapists for its benefits.
  • The beads produce an electrochemical balance in the body, thus stimulating brain functions. By doing so, it activates all levels of consciousness and increases intuition.
  • The beads help to remove anxiety, making one calm.
  • Aids in increasing concentration. 
  • If you are experiencing disturbed sleep, wearing a sphatik crystal mala ensures a sound and undisturbed sleep.
  • Using a rosary made from Sphatik crystal cools the body, and the beads carry cooling properties.
  • Sphatik beads also help relieve stress, headaches. Overall, it promotes healing.
  • In general, the healing properties help you function and plan your routine better.

Spiritual Benefits:

  • It is useful not only from the health point of view but also for those who do the intellectual job and have an interest in spiritual activities. 
  • The Sphatik japamala’s are used to count mantras. It is mainly used to worship Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, and other Goddesses.
  • A calm minded person becomes pacified and a favorite of Lord Shiva.
  • When you continuously chant a mantra, mala gets energized. When worn, the positive energy stays with you, thus filling you with the positivity when most needed.
  • Sphatik Mala helps in growth and awareness since it opens the Chakras for meditation and spiritual development.
  • Infused with Reiki Energy and Mantra, this handcrafted Sacred Mala stores, releases and regulates positive energy.
  • Sphatik beads are used as protective charms against negative vibrations and thoughts. 
  • The beads are excellent for meditation. Using them during meditation brings harmony to the soul. 
  • The sphatik mala can be worn by people corresponding to all astrological signs.

Mala Details and how to use it:

We make this mala of authentic sphatik beads. We make it of Diamond Cutting Sphatik Beads. In this mala, the bead attached to the tassel is called Sumeru. The mala is often used to keep count while chanting the god’s name or verse. When using for prayers, one counts all beads starting from the first bead next to Sumeru. On reaching the 108th bead, one stops and starts the next cycle. The Sumeru bead is the guru bead and is not part of counting.

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