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Puja N Pujari is a spiritual formation and we have 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml Deepam oil bottles available. These Diya oil made with Cow’s Ghee, Mahua oil, Castor oil, Gingelly oil, Neem oil, Coconut oil. Deepam oil marks the light of knowledge, which eliminates the darkness of inexperience. It shines itself, and sources the objects around to sparkle due to its reflection. Purchase this oil and lit the Diya it removes the darkness and problems in your home.

Significance Of Diya Oil

According to old scriptures for festivals or any convictions across India commands the use of lamps and light in worshiping. The light removes the darkness, and it is mandatory to lit Deepam before starting any auspicious occasion, festivals, daily puja in every home in India. The fire is the middle one of the five Elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space. We can use the cotton wicks for lighting Deepam. Two wicks are used for one Diya, one to represent the woman, another one represents the man, this represents the unity of a family. Deepam can be lighted with different oils, in our website Deepam oil is a mixture of all oils. If you burn Diya with that pancha Deepam oil it removes all the negative energies and negative problems.

Deepam oil

Deepam oil means, it is a blend of different oils, it is made with Cow’s Ghee, Mahua oil, Caster oil, Gingelly oil, Neem oil, and Coconut oil. If you have to light the Deepam you want wicks. How many wicks you have to use and its benefits are given below.

  • The single wick in Eka Mukha Deepam For normal benefits.
  • Double wicks in Dwi Mukha Deepam for compatibility and peace in the family.
  • Three wicks in tri Mukha Deepam for blessings with children.
  • Four wicks in Chatur Mukha Deepam for prosperity and richness.
  • Five wicks in Pancha Mukha Deepam for wealth and Akhanda Aishwaryam.
  • Six wicks in shan Mukha Deepam for knowledge and renunciation.

Lighting the Oil Lamps or Deepam every day and see the difference between before lighting Diya and after lighting Diya, it will give special benefits like it removes all tensions from your mind, happiness, and peace.

Directions For Lighting The Deepam

  • North: Most favor direction for lighting lamps. For success in all travels, and it brings wealth and prosperity.
  • South: Never light a lamp in the direction of the south because it is an inauspicious direction to lit the Deepam.
  • East: For good health condition and peace of mind.
  • West: You will get freedom from arrears, victory over enemies.

Slokas To Chant Before And After Lighting The Diya

Subham Karoti Kalyanam, Arogyam Dhana Sampadah

Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya, Deepa Jyotir Namostute

Before lighting the Diya chant this mantra it will give wealth and prosperity.

Deepajyothi Parabhahma, Deepajyothi Janardhana

Deepo Me Hara Tu Paapam, Deepa Jyothir Namostute

After lighting the Diya chant this mantra it destroys all the problems in your life.

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