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Dreams are often jumbled, and they hardly make sense. Most of the time, most people do not even remember what dream they had last night. They are not just your brain activities during your sleep; dreams represent various emotions that you undergo. Waking up to the memory of a happy dream keeps you in good spirits all day long; on the contrary, bad dreams can often ruin your good day and turn it into a sour one. 
Whether or not you acknowledge it, dreams are part of your life and play a vital role in shaping up the person you are.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher origins go back to Native American and First Nation cultures. Despite their roots, they are now a fundamental part of the Feng Shui as well. 
A simple dream catcher is a handmade willow hoop, on which a web is woven to trap in the dreams. The artisans add sacred beads and feathers to magnify the dream catchers' power to make it more effective as a protective charm. The feathers are usually that of birds that hold a sacred place in the hearts of people like that of - owl, peacock, hawk, or eagle. 

Meaning of Dream Catcher

The hoop denotes the earth and its spherical nature. The web denotes the intricate patterns and different layers of a dream. It also symbolizes the nature and complexity of the mind, which is never a straight line. The feathers act as ladders to help the good and pleasant dreams drip into an infant’s mind. 

Places to Hang the Dream Catcher

●The widespread belief is that hanging these beautifully woven artifacts near bedroom windows serves a dual purpose -

a.It traps in bad dreams in its web, and with the first ray of sunlight falling on to them, the bad dreams vanish and quickly dusted from the web.
b.Act as a reminder to achieve and fulfill your actual dreams.
●These dream catchers are mostly added over a toddler's cradles to keep them away from harm's eye. They are also real eye pleasers and can keep them occupied for a long time.
●The other most common place to hang them is on porches or balconies, car, or near the windows of living rooms and office spaces where there is enough wind flow.

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