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They say that the mind and body have much more healing powers than we give them credit for. Several recent studies point to the fact that the body heals itself during sleep. The body itself corrects the essential wear and tear if a person can follow a healthy routine. When people do not realize the importance of this healing mechanism and abuse their bodies, they fall sick. 

Of late, many ancient ways are coming to light, which helps one heal the body without damaging it much via external medications. One such method is healing the energy centres in the body using crystals. Though the scientific community does not support these methods, people worldwide report being cured of minor to major ailments after undergoing crystal healings.

Vedic astrology also describes how these unique stones can help minimize different planetary doshas. There are various crystals associated with27 Nakshatras, 12 Rashi's, and nine planets. Consulting a learned Vedic Astrologer can help one identify the perfect crystal associated based n the natal chart to help the individual travel the path of spirituality and achieve personal and professional success.

What are the Crystals and Healing Stones? 

The process of crystallization forms crystals. Crystals form when liquids cool down and harden. Crystals have a well-defined molecular structure. When the structure varies, they create different crystals. The hardest known crystal on the Earth is the diamond.

The crystals used for healing possess natural earthly properties as they form naturally. Also known as Healing stones, practitioners who believe in them use crystals in alternative healing systems such as reiki, pranic healing, acupuncture, tai chi, and many more.

The Different Healing Properties of Crystals

While the healing stones work to remove energy blockages and enhance the healing abilities, the usage of crystals is many. The crystals act as a source of accumulating positive energy, blocking negative energies and a talisman to bring you immense luck and attain prosperity.

Though there is no scientific evidence to prove the benefits of crystal healing, scientific studies show we cannot rule out the placebo effect since the mind is the most potent healer.

How do the healing stones work

The healing stones are mined from the depths of the Earth. Each crystal's molecular structure possesses a vibration in tune to the Earth and is unique to its own. When a person carries a particular healing stone, the energy centres tune themselves according to the vibrations generated by these stones and motivate the person to achieve their goals. 

The crystals act as a channel and use the natural energies from the Earth's environment, Sun, and other planets to tune the individual's energy centre for personal, professional, and spiritual success.

Tips to Choose Crystals and Healing Stones

Experts worldwide say that - "It's not just that you choose these natural stones, but the healing stones also have to choose you, for you to sense the effects and benefits of these stones."
One of the right methods is to gather basic knowledge about these stones and choose the one that feels right for your needs. Visit the stores and place your hands over the crystal that appeals to you. If you can feel the energy from the stones, then know that you have stumbled on the right healing stone that can help you immensely.

In case you are still not sure which stone to choose, you can consult renowned Vedic astrologers at Puja N Pujari, who can guide you to choose the exact stone to correct the course of your life.

Benefits of Crystals and Healing stones

The benefits of crystals and healing stones are multifold. They are among the many ways to connect with the body's energy centres and correct the imbalances.
Few healing stones are more commonly used than others. They are clear quartz, amethyst, Rose quartz, and opal.Amethyst has been found to hold powers that are extremely beneficial for the intestines and digestive troubles. Stones like green aventurine is good to promote cardiac wellness while healing rocks like yellow topaz clear up mental blocks and provide clarity.

Our Versatility with Healing Stones And Crystals

At Puja N Pujari, you can find authentic healing stones and Crystals at the lowest market prices according to your needs. Our collection ranges from healing stones used in alternative healing practices to the ones used to correct the planetary doshas in your natal chart. 

You can browse through our collection and order what suits your needs today through a simple process. We are always around to help you find the right crystals to help you prosper, for we aim to serve to your satisfaction. 

After extensive research, the scholars have put together a comprehensive list of gems suitable for each zodiac sign and mitigate the effect of various planets' doshas.
The charts given below vaguely show the mentioned association. We, however, strongly recommend you consult a learned Vedic astrologer or a healing practitioner before making the purchase.