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Reviews for Popular kalasham

June 6, 2019

White Metal Chambu small

This kalasa is german metal I ordered this chambu very recently from puja n pujari. They have given me warranty for four years, very reasonable price through online which i have seen. Entire kalasha is designed with goddess lakshmi

June 7, 2019

White Metal Chambu  Medium

The kalasha with lakshmi images is designed. The product thickness is good. I like to recommend this product from puja n pujari. Very reasonable prices. Quality is good.

Buy Puja Kalasham Available Online

Kalasham are an important part of all spiritual occasions be it a hawan or satyanarayan puja and many more. It signifies Lord Ganesha who is also known as “pratham pujya” and this is a reason a kalash is placed before starting any puja. Puja N Pujari team is making this essential puja utensil available online for our customer base. These chambus or lota are available in all sizes on our online portal and can be bought in an affordable price. This move of ours is totally based on customers demand because it’s really difficult to find one in market where one needs full time to roam and search for the appropriate size and material but being an online service provider we take care of our customers. Now one can easily buy the chambus of their choice and preferred material without much hustle and bustle

Significance of Kalash in Puja:

Kalasham plays an important role in Hinduism where an empty one is considered as the Earth where we reside and when it is filled with the sacred water it is assumed to be a “life giver” and is known as “purnakumbha”. These are highly auspicious for any Hindu household and when a kalasham is placed in the centre of puja facing the North it symbolizes one’s balanced life. Generally a kalasham or lota are meant for puja purposes but one can also use them in other household chores like storing water and grains and many more.

Our Range of Puja Kalsh:

Puja N Pujari has a wide range of chambus in its stock made up of different materials with different capacities. We are house of all kind of chambu’s with small and big sizes. These chambus are made up of copper, brass and german silver as well with minute art forms made all over it.

Brass Kalasham: Brass kalasham is made from high quality copper and zinc. They are used in home and office areas both for spiritual purposes and decorations as well. Brass chambus with intricate design patterns are available with Puja N Pujari in very affordable rates. One can buy this kalasham both for spiritual purposes and household works. This brass chambu can also be used in kitchens for storing water as it doesn’t change the quality of the water or any other item placed inside it.

Copper Kalasham : Copper kalasham are important both spiritually and generally. In earlier days copper chambus were placed on the rood top of temple to repel all negative forces coming towards the temple because copper is known as the bacteria killer. They are treated auspicious and must be kept in worshiping the area of houses. Generally, copper vessels and chambus are used to store water in it and it assures the water free from all kind of impurities.

Online Shopping at Puja N Pujari:

Puja N Pujari is a firm established in Bangalore and is dedicatedly working towards providing all kind of spiritual help to our customers. We are providing best services to our clients by assisting them in finding pandits and astrologers in almost all major Indian language and traditions followed and along with that we are majorly working for online sale ofpuja related items , which covers a small pack of vermilion and akshat to big idols of Gods and Goddesses. All kind of puja samagris, idols, diyas, spiritual utensils and aarti thalis are available with us. Shop with us and enjoy the freedom of following your tradition and customs in your style at your place.

Delivery & Returns with Puja N Pujari:

We care for our customers by providing them high quality products at an affordable rate along with cash on delivery, free home delivery and easy and accessible return facilities as their feedback is precious to us which keeps us motivated towards achieving our goal.