Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika is the third nakshatra in the series of 27 nakshatras. It’s a cluster of 6 stars and lives in both Aries and Taurus. It is symbolized by sharp objects, thus displaying both creative and destructive abilities.
Represented by fire, Agni is the presiding deity and ruling planet Sun, people born under the star are of a fiery disposition and have an adventurous spirit.
They search for novel experiences and information to keep themselves updated. Perfection is what they prefer in their works and are sharp critics.
They also have hidden nurturing and nourishing characteristics that are generally hidden from the world.

Quick Facts on the Nakshatra

Astrological RangeRanges from 26.40 degrees in the Aries sign to 10.00 degrees in Taurus sign
Nakshatra Number3
SymbolRazor, Axe, or Flame
Presiding Deity:
Controlling/Ruling PlanetSun
Ruling Deity of Ruling PlanetShiva
ShaktiDahana Shakti – Burning
NatureThe Sharp and Soft (Mixed)
GanaRakshasa (Demon)
Body VarāhamihiraHips, loins, waist
Body ParasharaEyebrows
Rashi/ZodiacAries Sign (Mesha)
MarriageNot Auspicious
TranslationCutter – The one who cuts
Beejakashra for 4 pada’sAh, Ee, Oo, Ay
Lucky lettersA, I, U & V
Lucky StoneRuby
Lucky ColorWhite
Lucky or Favourable Numbers1
Common Name of Associated TreeFig
Botanical Name of Associated TreeFicusracemosa
Astronomical NameEta Tauri
Bird NamePeacock
Yoni/Animal SymbolFemale Sheep
CareerMedicine, Engineering, Draftsmanship, Business related to yarn, artistic goods, and medicines.

Characteristics of people born under Krittika nakshatra

The basic premise of their features revolves around perfection. When they find imperfection, they are blunt and straightforward, which may not sit well with everyone. Beware of their temper. With Sun and Agni closely associated with their stars, they are short-tempered. Though the rage is short-lived, it causes immense damage even before they realize it. They are people who live in the present and act according to what their heart desires.

Physical Characteristics :

  • Prominent nose
  • Simple and common eyes
  • Flawless body
  • Thick and stout neck
  • The average or medium height as for the gender
  • Extremely beautiful/handsome
  • Commanding presence

Behavioral Traits :

Among their many positive traits are

  • Leaders who command everyone’s respect
  • Their confidence and courage are everyone’s envy.
  • They take great pride in their work
  • Fulfilling promise is their default trait.
  • Straight forward talkers and are basically peaceful by nature.
  • They are ambitious and bright
  • A healthy appetite to earn will lead them to impressive heights in their career.

They are not without negative traits.

The negative traits of people born under the star are:

  • Aggression and quick temper are significant shortcomings.
  • Their expectations are too high and will remain unfulfilled most of the time.
  • Stubbornness, nervousness, and impatience will cloud their judgments.
  • They are not diplomatic and stay away from social activities.
  • Breaking habits is a mountain task for people born under the star.


Compatibility is determined by the yoni of the animal that represents the star. Based on the logic, Krittika is most compatible with Pushya, Swati, and Hasta nakshatras. As opposed to above stars with tiger and lion symbols are hostile to people with Krittika nakshatra. To be more specific, Chitra, Vishaka, Dhanishtha, and Purva Bhadra/Bhadrapada is incompatible with Kritika Nakshatra.

Krittika nakshatra quarters

Each nakshatra has 4 quarters that represents the position of the star concerning the movement of the earth. So, the degrees of the Krittika nakshatra is divided into 4 quarters or padas.

First Pada :

Range : 26°40′ – 30°00′ in Aries
Governing planet : Jupiter
Navamsa sign : Sagittarius
Sound : Ah
Characteristic : Exploratory

Second Pada :

Range : 30°00′ – 33°20′ in Taurus
Governing planet : Saturn
Navamsa sign : Capricorn
Soul Sound : Ee
Characteristic : Material

Third Pada :

Range : 33°20′ – 36°40′ in Taurus
Governing planet : Saturn
Navamsa sign : Aquarius
Soul Sound : Oo
Characteristic : Humanitarian

Fourth Pada :

Range : 36°40′ – 40°00′ in Taurus
Governing planet : Jupiter
Navamsa sign : Pisces
Soul Sound : Ay
Characteristic : Creative Manifestation

Man’s Characteristics 

A male born under Krittika is highly intelligent. Until and unless determined to achieve, he will not work towards the finish. He shifts from one project to another without working towards the end. He is a great advisor, and the surrounding people will benefit by listening to him.
Persistence and hard work are what he relies on to earn his living. And if he sets his focus on making money, nothing can stop him. His stars will take him to places far from home to earn his living. One can always depend on him to fulfill his promises. He is quick-tempered and will have to learn to control his outbursts. Else that will lead to his downfall.

Woman’s Characteristics

A powerful character defines a woman born under the star. She does not succumb to emotional blackmail easily. Though she can end up being a homemaker, she maintains her family well.
When she uses her intelligence well and aims to be a career woman, she will excel as an administrative officer, doctor, engineer, or teacher. Tensions and stress will haunt her if she cannot find a way to balance it. Quick to quarrel, she is also ready to compromise. Marriages usually occur at a later stage of life when compared to peers.
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