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Human beings are pattern seekers and creatures of habit, predicting the future however is speculative. The horoscope therefore works as a guiding tool that enables in making conscious decisions that may vitally affect change in our habits or patterns. The word horoscope is derived from the Greek word, ōra and scopos which means “time” and “observer”.

Zodiac not only defines your personality but also you as a being wholly.

Horoscope readers pay heed to the zodiac of the person, showing the relative positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, ascendant, and mid-heaven sign at a specific moment of time on a set date.

Horoscope allows forecast about character, wealth, personality, day, lucky numbers, lucky colours, education, career, marriage, favourable numbers and so on.

There exists 12 different zodiac signs permitting predictions to be made according to a person’s date and time of birth.
Generally the zodiac is referred to as a person’s sun sign, but it differs from the horoscope with the fact that, horoscope is making a chart based on observations of celestial bodies like the planets and stars at a particular moment in question.