Mangalik / Mangalya Dosha: Male & Female Characteristics, Effects & Remedies

What is Mangalik / Mangalya Dosha?

Mangal Dosh plays a vital role in deciding Hindu marriages, where matching horoscopes to check the compatibility is a common occurrence. In a natal chart or horoscope, if Mars (aka Mangal or Kuja) falls in either 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house ascendant, then the person is said to be affected by Magal dosha and is known as a Mangalik.


Mars is the planet of war. The presence of mars in any of the mentioned houses causes tensions and disasters in marriage. Hence, people who are affected by the Kuja dosh are short-tempered. Both boy or girl can have this dosh and is not specific to a particular gender. As a general thumb rule, manglik marrying a non-manglik is inauspicious, as it may lead to the death of their partners in the worst cases. Mangal dosh is mostly seen during the marriage or after the marriage of the person and its effects can be reduced by doing certain remedies for a happy life.

Manglik dosha

Is Possible to Cancelled The Dosha?

It is not possible to remove Manglik Dosh from persons life as it is dependent on the planetary position of birth time. As human beings, we get impacted by the planetary positions which is the essence of Astrological studies. However, none of us can alter the planetary positions.

Janani Janma Soukyanam
Vardhini Kula Sampandam
Padi Poorva Punyanam
Likyathe Janma Patrika

Life is a Karma and events are the reflections of our karmic activities.

Traits of Mangal dosh

  • It is also known as Kuja dosha, Bhom dosha, or Angaraka dosh.
  • Both boys and girls can be Manglik.
  • Manglik individuals are quick to temper, have higher ego’s, and place their faith in self-respect. Hence, they will find it a little tedious than others to get along with their partners.
  • Magliks burst with energy. If channeled effectively, they can achieve great things in life; else, the same power might cause their doom.

Effects of Mars in various Houses:

  • First House: It is also known as the house of a spouse. If Mars is present here, it will lead to needless conflicts in marital life. Tension, distress, divorce, physical assaults, and arguments are a few troubles that couples will have to face if one of them is a Manglik.
  • Second house or The house of life: The presence of mars in the second house causes troubles in the person’s personal and professional lives.
  • Fourth House: Specific to professional life, a person having Mars in the fourth house will deal with occupational instability and face financial crisis.
  • Seventh House: A person having mars in the seventh house is dominating and shot-temperamental. Hence, they will face obstacles in having a smooth relationship with family and spouse. Also, there are chances of them having over one partner.
  • Eighth House: Mars in the eighth house of the horoscope, will drive the person to be lazy. They do not guard their finances and will tend to lose everything that comes their way.
  • Twelfth House: Also known as a solidarity house, people having mars in the twelfth house will have enemies, because of which they will face the loss of both mental health and finances.

Mitigating effects of Mangal Dosh:

Where there is a problem solution follows. The solution is the same either for male or females. Mangliks need not worry too much about their professional and personal lives. Few common remedies to mitigate the effect of mangal dosh are.

Manglik dosh for marriage

Manglik dosha remedies for a blissful married life

  • One of the most well-known solutions is to marry a Manglik. According to Vedic astrology, if two Manglik get married to each other, then they can mitigate the effects of the mars as given in the natal chart.
  • According to Vedic astrology, the effects of Kuja dosha can nullify the performance of Kumbh Vivah. The astrologers suggest Mangliks to marry a Banana tree, Peepal tree, or idol of Lord Vishnu made of silver or gold before the actual marriage to cancel out the harmful effects of mangal dosh.

General Solutions or Remedies:

  • Other remedies that Manglik can follow in their daily lives to remove effects of Mangal dosh are
  • Fasting on Tuesdays is said to help since Tuesday is the day of Mars. On this day, they should eat only split pigeon dal or toor dal.
  • Chanting Gayathri mantra, Navagraha mantra, or Hanuman Chalisa daily, and especially on Tuesday, cancels mangal dosh.
  • Lighting ghee lamps in Hanuman and Navagraha temples on Tuesday reduces the ill-effects of Kuja Dosha.
  • Performing charity of specific items such as – toor dal, masoor dal, wheat bread, red silk, or red stone on Tuesday is also useful in reducing the harmful effects.
  • Manglik dosha wears off as the individual reaches the age of 28 years.
  • The dosha also wears off, if the manglik has ascendant Aries or Kumbha Rashi in their horoscope.
  • Wearing gemstones to negate the effects of Kuja dosha

In complex cases, the positioning of other planets in the natal chart and we cannot rule their effects on Mars out. So, consult our astrologers today to find out effective remedies against the Kuja Dosha, and lead a happy and productive life.

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