Top 15 Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Wall Decor

The living room is the epicenter of a home where a family gets together to make memorable moments. Having a beautifully decorated living room can set the mood and tone right for a perfect time and family pictures.
We have put together 15 innovative wall decor ideas from across the world that can uplift your interiors. A wall decor not only brightens up your living room but also converts it into a gentle, homely, and peaceful space

Wall Paintings

Wall paintings are a fantastic way to fill up your empty walls. Modern art, historical paintings, colorful scenery of your favorite place are a few suggestions that can liven up your living room.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings make excellent wall decors. There are various types of wall hangings. You can get creative with the ideas and make the best of it. 

Wall Decors

Wall decors are another way to make your living room walls beautiful. They are vinyl stickers fixed to the wall for decoration. It can range from simple wall borders to elaborate stickers covering the entire wall. And the best part of all, if you get the decals, with a little extra effort you can enhance your wall decors on your own.

Photo Frames

Though this is not a unique idea, we thought it definitely should be on the list – Photo frames. You can get creative with it. You can make a timeline (or family tree) and keep adding new photo frames for each memorable event (or family member added) in case you have ample space. Else, you can create a collage apt for the size of your wall and hang it there to remind you of all the lovely moments you have had so far.

Wall Hanging Diyas

Wall hanging diyas are another way to add meaning to the decorations. Various designs, when modern or traditional art will act both as wall decor and lamps to light during festive occasions. Tea-light holders also fall into the list and are exceptional decor items to enhance the ambiance.

Wall Crafts

.A simple item like a basket when crafted beautifully can make attractive wall decor. Varied shapes and sizes with small pictures or paintings inside them can make them even more attractive wall decors.

Wall Mounted Plants

An exciting addition to the wall decors is a plant. Your plants may not sit idle at the windows sills or on tables. Add in wall-mounted plants and grow indoor plants. It not only helps you purify the indoor air but also add in much-needed freshness around.

Weaving wall hanging

One excellent way to change the texture of your wall is by adding in weaves. If you have ample time, you can try your hand at weaving. Yet again, if you feel stuck, you can always order them and decorate your walls to give them a complete makeover.

Floral Wall Art

A simple idea to make you feel happy is to have a botanical theme. What we imply is you can frame fresh or dried floral prints. Another way to make your wall attractive is to hang the resin flower pendants screen. It will look even more beautiful if your living room wall gets direct sunlight, as you can see the glint on the crystals.

Embroidery Wall Art

The embroidery art is one more way to enhance your home decor. The embroidered beauties can showcase your talent if you are an artist. Frame them or hang them, they will surely brighten up your walls.

Wall Shelves

If you are a bookworm, then you can turn your empty living room wall into a book-shelf and add in classics, mystery novels, or any other genre that interest your family. Do not shy away from showing the world that you still like the old-fashioned way of reading books.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can be a superb way to enhance the shades of your wall. You can choose from a wide variety of sconces to compliments your interiors and keep up with the theme of your homes.


Hand made traditional puppets make excellent home decor. You can even select a theme and hang the puppets according to it to narrate a story. Not just a theme, if you think it's doable, you can also re-create an entire tale on the wall.

Metal Wall Arts

Metal wall arts are among the latest trend. You can plenty of new designs of the same either online or at the markets to give an extra dimension to your walls.

Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are amazing. Adding artworks made of mirrors not only increase the elegance, but all give people living the room a feeling of being in a vast space. So if you feel the living room space is not enough, then hanging a mirror is a definitive solution for the same.

The list, as mentioned above, is not exhaustive. If you have more ideas to add, do let us know and send it along with pictures if you can. We are more than happy to add in your suggestions and make our blog exhaustive.

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