Best Sleeping Direction as per Vastu and Vastu Tips for Better Sleep.

Like many other activities, sleep is one of the most essential activities to sustain healthy living. There are many facts and figures proven by long-term medical research that sleep is almost as critical as following a proper diet and exercise regime.

Since ancient times, a lot of research has gone into finding the best sleeping positions. The ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra sheds light on organizing the bedrooms to get plentiful sleep to enhance your productivity and keep yourself healthy.

Read on to discover the time-tested remedies for a fitful sleep as given in the Vastu Shastra.

Importance of Sleep:

Sleep is an integral part of any living being. Research suggests that, on average, a human can survive without sleep for only seven days. After which, the humans lose their sanity or brain will shut itself down automatically.

Sleep plays a vital role in healing the body and driving out the fatigue, thus, preparing you for the day coming ahead. The most vital activities of the body, i.e., healing and repairing, happen during sleep. Avoiding sleeping can cause serious health hazards and makes your body vulnerable to irreparable damages.

Bedroom Position as per Vastu

Vastu shastra helps in effectively optimising the available space of the homes by identifying the best possible direction of the different rooms.
South-west is the ideal direction for the master bedroom. It is said to enhance the longevity of the elders of the family by providing good health.
East or north-west direction is considered best for children and youngsters trying to shape their future.
For young students venturing into the choice of their vertical, sleeping in the bedroom located in the north direction is very beneficial. Vastu experts point out that, since the magnetic field is high, it will help the youngsters harness the positive energies beneficial for their career growth.

Vastu shastra says, 

  • Sleeping in bedrooms located in the southeast direction creates conflicts in couples, leading to a troubled life. It is also the direction that stores up heat energy.
  • Sleeping in bedrooms located in the northeast direction results in loss of health for everyone. Hence, it is best to avoid constructing the bedroom in the said direction.

Bed position as per Vastu

It’s not enough the have the bedrooms ideally located; organising your bed and other items is also essential to reap maximum benefits. This holds particularly true for your bed position in the bedroom as per Vastu.

  • The bed direction as per Vastu should be towards west or south.
  • According to Vastu, the bed position should be at the centre of the wall to have enough space for movement on both sides of the bed. It provides mobility and enables free movement of the energies, thus avoiding energy blockages in the room. The Vastu direction of the bed in the guest room can have the head facing the west.
  • Further, Vastu experts suggest that the bed frame should be made of wood instead of metal to help root the energies effectively. Metal are conductors of energy and can lead to higher vibrations resulting in sleep disruptions and aggravate health-related issues.
  • Couples are suggested to sleep on a single bed rather than two joined mattresses to keep their relationship stable and healthy.

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Sleeping direction as per Vastu

Now that we know the direction of bedroom and the how the bed should be placed, it’s time to know the best sleeping direction as per Vastu.

  • According to Vastu, you have to ensure that your legs are pointing towards the north or east when you sleep. North or the east are the directions that hold reserves of positive energies. During sleep, these energies enter your body through the legs and heal your energy centres, providing you with much-required healing energies.
  • The sleeping direction, according to Vastu, determines your future.
  • If your sleeping position, as per Vastu, is with your feet pointing to the north, then you are bound to attract fortune and good luck. Not only that, sleeping with your head pointing to the south helps you gain long hours of quality sleep. This position is considered suitable for students and youngsters testing their skills in their verticals.
  • If your Vastu sleeping position is with your feet pointing to the east, then you can see an increase in recognition and wealth. For people trying to stabilise and expand their domain, Vastu experts suggest this as an ideal sleeping direction.
  • According to Vastu shastra, if the sleeping direction is with legs pointing to the west, it increases harmony and spiritualism in one’s life. Hence, as people approach the retirement age, ancient science suggests they use this position more.

Additional Vastu Tips for better sleep

Apart from the above Vastu tips, there are few more suggestions from Vastu experts for a blissful uninterrupted sleep.

  • Do not clutter your bedroom with unnecessary items. Keep the bedroom clear of broken pieces and junk items.
  • Mop the entire home and, in particular, the bedroom with salt water at least once a week to remove negative and clogged energies.
  • Do not hang the pictures of deceased ancestors or of that of single women in your bedroom. Use pictures of a perfect couple or a god and his consort to have a calm and peaceful mind.
  • Even if it’s the right direction, do not sleep with your head near the door. It will disturb your sleep patterns. Use the next best alternative direction using the pointers given above.
  • Always use a headrest while sleeping. It need not be of great height, just something that ensures a comfortable sleep.
  • Close the windows above your head when sleeping. Open windows circulate more energies, which is in direct contradiction to the state of your body when asleep.
  • Avoid having televisions or projectors, or any other devices, which can result in sleep distractions.
  • Do not keep water jugs or water bottles in the southeast direction. Since water stores energy, it is also not advised to have tabletop fountains in bedrooms.

We have compiled the most popular remedies and suggestions according to Vastu Shastra for the best sleeping positions, and this is not a complete list. We also understand it is not always possible to have a home built precisely to Vastu, with us living in apartments. However, there are simple and effective Vastu remedies that can help you overcome these shortcomings. To know about them in-depth, contact our Vastu experts today who can help you lead a prosperous life with effective Vastu remedies.

Do let us know your take on Vastu sleeping directions and if there are remedies that you follow apart from the ones mentioned here on our blog. We are always looking forward to your comments and feedback.

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