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Smoke Fountain

Reviews for Popular Smoke Fountain

December 7, 2019

Shiva Lingam Backflow Cone Incense Holder

best product ........ I bought it to see how it works but now I kept it at the pooja room.....quality of fountain is reasonable...Ganesh idol is very nice with beautiful artwork Don't hesitate to buy, must try product

Buy Smoke Fountain Online in India @Puja N Pujari

The smoke fountain is also known as smoke backflow cone incense holder or backflow smoke fountain. This fountain creates a smokey waterfall. If you place an incense stick or cone on the top of the fountain, the smoke flows in reverse direction from top to bottom. On our online website, we are providing big or small Ganesha smoke fountain, Buddha smoke fountain, color some fountain, shiva smoke fountain, monk smoke fountain, etc. Buy these backflow smoke fountain and gift to your loved ones during any special occasions, they may feel very happy.

Significance of Smoke Fountain

Smoke fountains are usually used for home decor. This smoke fountain backflow creates an illusion of a smokey waterfall. It gives a very beautiful look to your home. It bestows a fragrance smoke flowing in the form of waves. This is the best gift for birthdays, housewarming ceremonies, Diwali, and other auspicious occasions. These fountains made with the best quality polyresin and elegant paints. Backflow fountains are very easy to use if you place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall, the smoke starts to flow in reverse direction with the incense cones special properties. It flows from top to bottom, then it creates a beautiful smokey waterfall. Firstly you have to light the incense cone, then after five seconds, it starts to smoke with a good aroma. These fountains have different sizes and colors like big, small, medium, etc. Its good smell gives relaxation of mind and helps to do their works with more concentration. This smoke refreshes the air with their sweet aroma, and it gives a holy atmosphere in the home.

Our Versatility

Buddha Backflow Cone Incense Holder

Monk buddha backflow cone incense holder made from pure polyresin and painted with brown color. In this fountain beside the incense holder Buddha sitting in a meditation posture. It looks very beautiful. This fountain you can use as home decor and during the puja. When you fix sweet smell incense cone to the fountain the smoke flows like a water.

Ganesha Smoke Fountain

This lotus design smoke fountain made from pure polyresin and painted with elegant pink color. It is a very big smoke fountain, it looks very nice. In that fountain, Lord Ganesha is in sitting posture on lotus-shaped design. This is a very good item for home decor as well as a puja item.

Little Monk Buddha Backflow Cone Incense Holder

This little monk Buddha backflow cone incense holder made from pure ceramic. In this fountain, little buddha is sitting in a meditating posture. It is a unique designed smoke fountain. It is a long-life product and used for home decor.

Shiva Lingam Back Flow Cone Incense Holder

Shiva Lingam backflow cone incense holder made from the best quality polyresin. It is a unique designed fountain, and a long-life product. It looks very beautiful, if you use it as your home decor, it will give a holy atmosphere to your home. It is the very best gift item for housewarming, Birthday, etc.