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Sudarshana Homam

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According to ancient scriptures, Vishwakarma created Sudarshana Chakra, the celestial weapon of Lord Vishnu from Surya Deva. The chakra has 108 edges and has the power of million suns since its wielder is the protector of the universe himself.

Sudarshana Homam at Puja N Pujari

Sudarshana has tremendous powers and is very effective in nullifying the hostile forces. Hence, performing Sudarshan homa with the help of well versed and knowledgeable purohits affiliated with PujaNPujari is bound to remove all the negative energies hampering your success.

Significance of Sudarshana Homa

Performing homa for this divine weapon invokes tremendous powers, protecting one from negativity, enemies, and the evil eye. The entire ritual fills one with divinity and leaves the performer feeling blessed, filling you up with confidence and positivity. It instills one with such enthusiasm that even herculean tasks seem easy, and success will be a stone throw away.

Sudarshana Homam Benefits

Among the many, few of the important benefits of performing Sudarshana Homam are:

  • Sudarshana Homam helps gain prosperity
  • It accelerates healing and provides rejuvenation of health
  • Performing the homa purifies surroundings from the toxic energies
  • People perform Sudarshana homa in anticipation of victory in their fields
  • Sudarshan homa offers quick relief from the unexplained sufferings or anxieties.
  • It envelopes the performer with a positive shield, protecting them from the powerful enemies and evil eye.

Sudarshana Homa Procedure

Performing Sudarshana Homa involves the following steps:

  1. Once the purohits do the initial setup, they start the Homam with the Sudarsana Manthra Japam recitation.
  2. The next step is the recital of the Sudarshana Ashtottharam.
  3. After completing the above two stages, the Purohit will help you take Sankalpa, which specifies the reason for performing the homam.
  4. After Sankalpa, purohits invite various gods to be part of the yagna, including Lord Varuna, Lord Narayana, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Sudarsana. The priest performs Shodasopachara Aaradhanam to honor the deities.
  5. Agni Prathishtai in the homa kunda follows this.
  6. Then the homam starts with the Sri Sudarsana Shadakshari performed 108 times with aahuthi.
  7. After all the Aahutis, the Poornahuthi, and maha mangalarathi takes place signifying the conclusion.
  8. All of them taking part in the homam will then go around the Agni Kundam reciting Sri Sudarsan Ashtakam seeking blessings of Sudarshana chakra to protect them from all negativity.
  9. The bhasma from the homa-kunda is then worn on the forehead for protection.
  10. The event concludes with the distribution of prasadam to all the devotees present as part of this all-powerful event.

Sudarshana Homam Cost

The basic package at PujaNPujari starts with INR 3900/-. You can customize your package on our website and choose the package according to your needs. At PujaNPujari, we help you organized everything from booking purohits to perform the Homam to delivering the required Homam items to the comfort of your homes. 
Consult our purohits today to find the auspicious time to perform this all-benefitting Homam and reap the benefits multi-fold. You can also call us to help you decide on the right package.


What is Sudarshana Chakra?
Sudarshana Chakra, the divine weapon of Lord Vishnu, is a 108 scarred edges. This weapon is filled with a million suns' power and is used to destroy evil and demons.

Who gave Sudarshana chakra to Vishnu?
Lord Shiva gave the Sudarshana Chakra to Lord Vishnu.

Why should Sudarshana Homam be performed?
We perform Sudarshana Homam to destroy all the negativity surrounding the person and to protect one from health and wealth issues.

What is the Gayatri Mantram for Sudarashana Homa?
Om Sudarshanaya Vidmahe | Maha-Jwaalaya Dhimahi | Tanno Chakra Prachodayat ||

Which day is auspicious to perform the Homam?
Ekadashi, Poornima, and Dwadashi fall on Saturday or Wednesday is the most auspicious day to perform the Homam.

Can I perform this Homam at House?
Yes, you can perform this Homam at home, but the rituals have to be presided over by experienced purohits for attaining full benefits.

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People perform Sudarshana Homam to destroy the evil eye and gain success in their ventures. This Homam protects one over the enemies and removes evil forces. Maha Sudarshana Homam invokes Lord Sudharsana to bless one with positive energies. Sudarshana Homam is best performed on particular days of Ekadashi, Dwadashi, and Poornima.  

Sankalpam (The testimony of Vedic Vidhi)

The word Sankalpam indicates the Vedic astrology of Panchang, place, time, day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yogam, and Karanam recited to the trinities - Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. The Vedic Vidhi recitals include chanting the current Vedic year, the Vedic name of the subcontinent, and other significant elements. At the end of the Sankalpa, family members say their Name, Gotra, Zodiac sign, Birth star aloud as a part of the puja and seeking blessings from the Lord Maha Ganapati, Navagrahas, family deity (kula devata), Grama devata, and Ishta devata (favorite god one's choice). So the first procedure is to invoke blessings from the Deity.

Punya Vachanam

The word Punya Vachanam gives clarity of the clean ritual by invoking the Lord Varuna (the lord of water) along with sacred rivers of the country, namely Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu, and Cavery. The tirtha mantras and all the five elements are is recited while performing the Punya Vachanam. The five elements are

  • Jal - water, 
  • Vayu - air,
  • Prithvi - earth,
  • Agni - fire, and
  • Akasha - sky or space.

By chanting Vedic mantras related to Lord Varuna, purohits purify the place to retain the positive energy.

Kalasa puja

The kalasa puja is done to invoke the blessings of kula devata. Place the Kalasa or copper pot in its position, fill it with water, a coin, and nine types of grains. In red cloth, one can tie the coconut and place it on the top of Kalasa with mango leaves. While chanting the hymns to invoke the deities to reside in the kalasa, kalasa puja is completed by doing this procedure.

Shodashopachara Puja

16 common offerings to the Deity during worship are

  • Dhyana – Meditation
  • Aavaahana – Inviting the Deity into the altar.
  • Asana – Giving a seat to the Deity
  • Paadya – Washing the Deity's feet with pure water.
  • Arghya – to wash hands and mouth.
  • Aachamana – Offering drinking water to the Deity.
  • Snaana – Bath the deity idol with turmeric water, milk, curd, sugar, water.
  • Vasthra – Offering Clothes to the Deity
  • Yagnopaveetha – Offering the sacred thread to wear from his right shoulder
  • Gandha – applying sandalwood paste on the forehead and shoulders of the Deity
  • Pushpa – Offering fresh flowers while chanting the Deity's names.
  • Dhoop – Spreading fragrance to the altar.
  • Deepa – lighting diya to illuminate the surrounding of the Deity.
  • Naivedya – offering food to the Deity.
  • Taambula ­– Offering betel nut and leaves with fruits.
  • Aarathi - offering aarathi by lighting camphor.

Ashtothara Namarchana

Purohit does puja to the Deity with Ashotathara(108) names of particular God or Goddess. Before performing ashtotaram, he does Archana with Tithi, devotee name, birth star, gothram, and family member names for the entire family's welfare.


Lord Agni, in the homa kunda, takes the offerings made by the devotee and the Purohit. As a part of the ritual, at the end of this puja, they offer special items to Agni, like food items, and ghee while chanting Vedic Mantras.

Maha Mangalarati

The Astavedha Seva is done along with the Vedic chants. The camphor Aarti, flowers, and akshatha is offered after the completion of the puja.

  • Pujanpujari is a good source for booking puja pandits. They are very professional and humble pandits

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • We did Sudarsana homa and Ganapathy homam at my home it was performed by Seshu Swamy from PujaNpujari. He arrived on time with all the Pooja items and performed the Pooja very well. The Executive Mr. Suresh communicated very well and helped from the beginning of booking till the pooja completion. 

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • My parents were completely satisfied with homam performance. We have booked the Sudharshana Homam long back at Puja N Pujari. Now I got the time to review. It's perfect team coordination. Love their up puja setup.

    Puja performance rating

    4.5 / 5
  • Thanks for the whole puja n pujari team. Our family is satisficed with the homam. The pandit is knowledgeful. best puja services.

    Puja performance rating

    4.5 / 5
  • Very helpful online puja services of pujaNpujari satisfied me a lot. Homam performed by Seshu Swamy very well, arrived on time with quality perishables. Very satisfactory about the puja services.

    Puja performance rating

    4.5 / 5
  • Very helpful online puja services of pujaNpujari satisfied me a lot. Homam performed by Seshu Swamy very well, arrived on time with quality perishables. Very satisfactory about the puja services.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • I feel happy to share this review about the puja performed by pandit from Puja N Pujari. They really have a great team who can assist you in the whole process of booking a pandit and puja samagri online

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • The best Hindu Traditional Puja formalities are provided to the Devotee. I guess this is the first application launched in the World. Thanks for giving this best service.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
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