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Navagraha Japa

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The Navagraha Japa is performed to gain the favor of the lords governing the nine planets in our birth chart. Appeasing the lords of planets ensures trouble-free life for the devotees.

Religious Significance of Navagraha Japa

  • The placement of the nine Grahas determines the quality of life
  • On the other hand, unfavorably positioned planets bring ill fortune and various problems
  • The Navagraha Japa is highly effective in eliminating such planetary Doshas in the birth chart.

When Can the Navagraha Japa be Performed?

  • Consult a pandit to find out a suitable date according to your birth chart or beneficial tithi.

Advantages of Performing the Navagraha Japa

  • Helps in gaining success in business
  • Removes all troubles from life and Navagraha mantra will remove obstacles in life

Navagraha Japa FAQ'S

What is Navagrahas?
The Navagrahas means Nine planets and the planets are Surya (sun), Moon(Chandra), Venus, Jupiter, Mangal, Budha, Mercury, Rahu, and Ketu. These Grahas governed good and bad things depending on the place of occupies in one’s horoscope. 

What is Navagraha Japa?
Navagraha Japa is one of the puja rituals for a particular person and this Japa is conducting for pleasing the nine planets with chanting of suitable mantra to get rid of the ill effects and past sins.

Why Navagraha Japa can be performed?
The Navagraha Japa performs to get blessings from the nine planets and get rid of the different types of Dosha in one’s horoscope. This Japa helps to restrict negative effects or malefic effects.

What are the benefits of Navagraha Japa?

  1. Get rid of the sins and past dosha.
  2. Restrict ill effects and negative vibrations.
  3. It gives good and bad things in one’s horoscope.
  4. This ritual is responsible for good forthcoming.

Can I perform Navagraha Japa at home?
No, Whenever the house is not a suitable place to do the Japa as well as the Japa should perform at the auspicious place of the particular temple.

Recent Navagraha Shanthi Puja 

Perfoemed Navaratri Shanthi Puja Images 

Location : Adigondanahalli , Bangalore -560099

Helpful Articles

About Navgraha Temples in TamilNadu
Information about Navgraha(Nine Planets)

Sankalpam( The Testimony of The Vedic Vidhi)

The word Sankalpam indicates the Vedic astrology of Panchang, place, time, day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yogam, and Karanam. These are recited to the three trinities of Bhrama, Vishnu, and Shiva. The Vedic Vidhi recites for the current Vedic year and the Vedic name of the subcontinent and other significant elements. At the end of the Sankalpa needs family members Name, Gotra, Zodiac sign, Birth star to recite as a part of the puja and to get the blessings from the Lord Maha Ganapati, Navagrahas, family deity (kula devata), Grama devata and Ishta devata (favorite god one’s choice). So the first procedure is to invoke blessings from the deity.

Ganapati Puja

The Ganapati puja is considered as an auspicious for all the ceremonies while starting the puja. By doing Ganapathi puja, you will get free from obstacles, hurdles in life. It acquires materialistic, spirituality in life.

Punya Vachanam

The word Punya Vachanam gives clarity of the clean ritual by invoking the blessings from the Lord Varuna (the lord of water) along with sacred rivers of the country namely Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu, and Cavery. The tirtha mantras are recited where the Punya Vachanam is performed, and their all the five elements are,

Jal - water
Vayu - air
Prithvi - earth
Agni - fire
Akasha - sky or space

By the chanting of Vedic mantras related to Lord Varuna, the place will be purified, where the positive energy is being retained in the pot and Punyavachana can be performed. 

Kalasa puja

The Kalasa puja can be done with the help of a copper vessel. Place the Kalasa, fill it with water, a coin and nine types of grains. In red cloth, one can tie the coconut. Then, coconut is placed on the top of Kalasa with mango leaves. By doing this procedure, Kalasa puja can be finished.

Navagraha Japa

Navagraha means nine planets and called Navagraha. Navagraha Japa controls the bad influence of one’s life. When the planet places an unfavorable position in your horoscope, one can perform the Japa for nine planets. Through the Vedic astrology, the Graha has a separate mantra of themselves.

Each planet has individual character, day, time, Star, tithi, Dhanya, color, and food.

Navagrahas are nine planets and each planet governs a specific element (five elements) in the life cycle, so the certain specified planetary combinations in the horoscope give both malefic effects and good effects.

The beneficial effects are taken into consideration of the particular planet individually and also in their combination, generally to rectify or to neutralize the evil effect of the planets. During Navagraha puja chanting of mantras is replaced continuously.

To remove the malefic effects of the planets this Navagraha puja can be performed. During this puja one will get blessings from Adidevata (subordinate lord of the planet), ‘Prathana Devata’ (main deity of the planet


Problems (malefic effect)


Born disease, eye disease, and administration


Water disease, mental disorder or trouble


Siblings, blood disease, and marriage obstacles


Paternal uncle, nervous disorder


Brain disease, elder people


Marriage, the welfare of generation,


Work and work-related


Skin disease, sarpa dosha


Sarpa dosha, salvation, poisonous disease


Planet (Graha)


Planet rule the Stars






Kritika, Uttara, Uttara Ashada,


Red color

Lord Shiva &Parvati



Rohini, Hasta, Sravana



Lord Shiva



Mrigasira, Chitra, Dhanistha,  

Red Bengal gram


Lord Hanuman



Ashlesha, Jyeshta, Revathi

Green moong dal


Goddess Parvati



Punarvasu, Vishaka, Poorva Bhadrapada

Channa dal


Lord Shiva, Brama, Indra, and Parvati.



Bharani, poova phalguni, poorva Ashada

Soya gram

Sky blue, white

Goddess Lakshmi



Pushya, Anuradha, uttra Badrabada

Black til

Blue ,black

Lord Hanuman


All day Rahu kala

Ardra, Swati,Satabisha

Kollu gram

Black and Blue

Lord Hanuman


All day Rahu kala

Aswini, Moola, Makha,

Horse Gram


Lord Bhairava and Lord Ganesha.


  • We booked pandits for navagraha pooja, we are very much satisfied with pooja vidhi vidhan. Thanks to Sesu Swamy for arranging pooja samagri and it's a really satisfying experience for booking pooja from Pujanpujari.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • In the Pandemic situation puja and pujari is doing very good service. They responded very quickly and arranged the purohit and gave us the solution for where should perform the pooja. We are extremely happy about the pooja and arrangements. We need not carry anything for the pooja as everything was taken care of by them. We felt very happy and delighted with this service. Thank you very much pujanpujari 

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • Satisfaction with the puja performance. Navagraha Japa performed near our home at the temple. We have booked the priest through the online portal at Puja N Pujari. From the beginning, everything was explained very well. The timings were fixed by them even though they bought puja material and all the team's arrangements. Everything is done entirely at the right timings. Thanks to the whole team.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • Navagraha Japa is one of the great things which I performed with the assistance of the pandit to remove dosha from the planets. I just followed all the principles what pandit explained through the initiation. Very great results I have achieved and it also helps in career growth.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • Navagraha Japa is one of the great things which I performed with the assistance of the pandit to remove dosha from the planets. I just followed all the principles what pandit explained through the initiation. Very great results I have achieved and it also helps in career growth.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • I was ordered for panditji in online. Online pandit booking is very good idea. It takes less time to booking,they are doing very well.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
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