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Bhima Ratha Shanti 70th Birthday

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Book pandits online for Bhima Ratha Shanti (70th Birthday) in Bangalore at Puja N Pujari. 
We made pandit and puja material booking a hassle-free.
Bhima-Ratha-Santhi Ceremony is performed when a man completes 69 years and turns seventy. It is celebrated to cherish the success an individual gained in marital life and career.

Religious Significance of Sathapathi Pooja

Invocation of the deities of Ayur Devatha, Saathgunya Devatha and Sapta Chiranjeevi's

When can be the Sathapathi Pooja be performed?

  • It is performed on the day on which the janma nakshatra falls on the month of birth.

Bhima Ratha Shanti's 70th Birthday FAQ'S

What is Bhima Ratha Shanti's 70th Birthday?
When the male couple reaches the 70th Birthday they will celebrate Bhima Ratha Shanti Homam with couples and relatives.

Is it true, Ayul Shanti Homam and Bhima Radha Shanti is the same?
Yes, it is true that Bhima Radha Shanti Homam is considered as Ayush Shanti Homam.

What to do on this day of Homam?
The couple will chant mantras during fire ritual, and they give blessings to their children and grandchildren.

When this puja can perform?
This ritual can perform on the birth month with an auspicious day.

Bhima Ratha Santhi is also known as Ayush Shanthi Homam and Bhima Ratha Shanti, is the 70th birthday of the married couple. When the male couple gets into the seventieth birthday, they have to perform this puja, and it symbolizes as they left from the responsibilities of life.

Ganapati Puja

The Ganapati puja is considered as an auspicious for all the ceremonies while starting the puja. By doing Ganapathi puja, will get free from obstacles, hurdles in life. It acquires materialistic, spirituality in life.

Punya Vachanam

The word Punya Vachanam gives clarity of the clean ritual by invoking the blessings from the Lord Varuna (the lord of water) along with sacred rivers of the country namely Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu, and Cavery. The tirtha mantras are recited where the Punya Vachanam is performed, and their all the five elements are,

Jal - water
Vayu - air
Prithvi - earth
Agni - fire
Akasha - sky or space

By the chanting of Vedic mantras related to Lord Varuna, the place will be purified, where the positive energy is being retained in the pot and Punyavachana can be performed. 

Navagraha Puja

Navagrahas are nine planets and each planet governs a specific element (five elements) in the life cycle, so the certain specified planetary combinations in the horoscope give both malefic effects and good effects.

The beneficial effects are taken into consideration of the particular planet individually and also in their combination, generally to rectify or to neutralize the evil effect of the planets. During Navagraha puja chanting of mantras is replaced continuously.

To remove the malefic effects of the planets this Navagraha puja can be performed. During this puja one will get blessings from Adidevata (subordinate lord of the planet), ‘Prathana Devata’ (main deity of the planet).

Maha Mrityunjaya Puja

Maha- great, Mrityun- death, Jaya- Victory, which means a great death with the victory. It is a predominant puja for Lord Shiva and celebrating for a good upcoming life, prohibiting evil power, a successful life, free from chronic disease also relief from the recycle of (human life) birth. This puja can celebrate in Shiva Temples only. Death cannot come who chant this Mrityunjaya mantra. This mantra has usually generated positive emotional expression, prevent ill-timed death and longevity life.  

Ayusha/ Ayurdevata Homam

Ayusha Homa is observed to get relief from chronic health ailments and success in your endeavors. The purohit chants Mrityunjaya Thrayambaka mantra for 108 scared times. This Homa is performed to get the blessings from Ayurveda God. 

 Nakshatra Shanti Homam

Nakshatra Shanti Homam is performed along with the couple and gets the boon from the total twenty-seven Nakshatra( star) twelve Rashi. Rashi and Nakshatra are considered depending on one’s birth time. For each Rashi has four Nakshatra Padam. The purohit can chant mantras to get blessings from nakshatras.

Marriage procedure

This puja should follow marriage, the couple exchanges the Garland and tie the nuptial knot. Before they worship Surya(sun) and Chandra (moon).

Cow Dhana - brings good fortune, peaceful life.

Gold Dhana- Afford free from the sins.

Bhoo Dhana- gives a complete and comfortable life. 

Vasthra Dhana - This Dhana denotes Harmony's life.

Jaggery Dhana - get the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi for affluence.

Lavana Dhana - this dhana denotes health. 

Food Dhana - offered food or grain for a prosperous life. 

Silver Dhana - this Dhana gives Lord Vishnu a blessing.

Ghee Dhana - it purifies the soul.

Sesame Dhana - get rid of all sins.

Panch Dhana- It means some people offer water from the copper vessel with Diya and vastra.

Phala Dhana- this is the last procedure and get the blessing from elders and Brahmana Bhojanam and Swasthi Vachanam.


The Agni takes the offerings made by the owner of the house and by the priest and as part of the end of this ritual special items are offered to Agni as food along with ghee with Vedic chanting.

Maha Mangal Aarti

The Astavedha Seva is done along with the Vedic chants. The camphor Aarti, flowers, and akshatha is offered after the completion of the puja.

  • Bhima Ratha Shanti is the auspicious way of celebrating the 70th birthday with all the family members and remembering the olden days again. I have experienced a great pleasure with the assistance of pujaNpujari.

    Puja performance rating

    4.5 / 5
  • we performed 70th birthday to my father grandly. Puja materials and pandit are from puja n pujari. Pandit performed puja on time

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
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