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Hanuman yantra reflects lord hanuman who was one of the form of Lord Shiva. He signifies strong dedication and giving everything for his Lord. This yantra is carved out to represent him in geometrical symmetry. Installing and offering prayers to this mantra for 40 continuous days or on Tuesdays and Saturdays gives us boons and blesses us with all our dreams come true.

  • Place this yantra in east direction facing towards west and let it be energized by rays of the rising sun.
  • Lord Hanuman represents potent and powerful aura and so as this yantra do. Worshiping it gives us strength to stand strong and fade away all difficulties of life.

Significance of Hanuman Yantra

  • He makes one free from the bad effects of celestial bodies like mars and Saturn.
  • It imparts courage, confidence, strength and will power.

Mantra for Hanuman Yantra

" Ohm hum hanumante rudratmakaya hum phat swaha"


1. Which day and timings I want to worship this hanuman yantra?

Saturday and Tuesday is the most suitable day to worship the Lord Hanuman.

2. How many working days product will deliver?

Not approximately it depends on the product.

3. How many times mantra will chant?

For hanuman yantra we should chant 21000 times mantra.