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Buy Woolen Wall Hanging Online @Puja N Pujari

Wool is known to keep you warm during cold winters. The widely known products of wool are sweaters, gloves, caps, and other warm wears to beat the freezing winters. 
But did you know we also use woolen threads for creating fantastic wall hangings?
Whether the answer to the question is affirmative or negative, you are surely in for a treat. At pujaNpujari, we bring you handmade woolen wall hangings to beautify the decor of your homes. 

Woolen hanging to Enhance your Interiors

Creativity has no limits. The woolen wall hangings are the best way to decorate your interiors if you have kids and toddlers running around the home. These beautiful crafts have no sharp edges, are soft, and easily washable. 
Multi-colored threads or a single colored thread are often inter-weaved into beautiful art pieces to adorn the walls.
So how do you opt for a - multi-colored or single color?
Well, it is straightforward. If you have a plain background, say a white wall, then having a multi-colored woolen hanging makes sense. But, in case you have terrific wallpapers adorning your walls, then use a single color woolen artwork to add in a pause and enhance the looks of your wall.

Types of woolen wall hangings

Creativity ends where ideas do. With these soft threads, one can come up with amazing designs to sway your guests off their feet. 
Woolen wall hangings can be a piece of art decorating your wall, or you can convert it into a useful showpiece.
Various examples of show-pieces can be - dream catchers, wind chimes, chic hangings, crochet artwork, and much more.
Some multi-purpose wall hangings can be woolen threads woven into- fruit baskets/holders, key chain holders, photo frames, letter holders, and so many more options.