A laughing buddha finds its origin in ancient Chinese and Japanese culture. If you see a statue of a laughing happy man with a huge belly, you immediately know you have come across a laughing Buddha. Having roots in the ancient Chinese and Japanese culture, laughing Buddha is one of the famous feng shui artefacts.

Laughing Budhha is a symbol of happiness and Vastu, and Feng Shui experts suggest that having the correct statues at home can help you bring in luck, peace and wealth. Commonly seen in offices, restaurants, they are also one of the most popular gifting options.There are different types of Laughing Budhha to suit each occasion and situation. You can choose one corresponding to your needs. 

Types of laughing Buddha

There are various types of Laughing buddha. The specific positions are of sitting, standing or sleeping laughing Buddha. Among these postures, there are different types of laughing Buddha. The prominent ones are:

  • Laughing Buddha with playing children
  • Laughing Buddha with a fan
  • Laughing Buddha with a bowl
  • Laughing Buddha with beads and balls
  • Laughing Buddha with a sack and umbrella

How and Where should laughing Buddha be placed?

Vastu and feng shui experts describe in detail where and in which direction the laughing buddha statue should be placed. Laughing Buddha should be treated with respect since it is a highly revered feng shui artefact.

  • Keep the laughing Buddha in your living room, hall, and balconies. Never keep the idol or statues in Kitchen, bathroom, or directly on the floor.
  • Place the Buddha at the eye level but not on an electronic item like a refrigerator or televisions.
  • Place the artefact facing the front door if keeping at home, or keep them facing yourself if you are placing the laughing Buddha on your desk in the office.
  • To increase income, luck, and fortune, keep the laughing Buddha in the south-east area of your homes or offices.
  • To maintain a stable income, place the laughing Buddha idol on a coin.

Significance of Laughing Buddha Statue

  • People looking to achieve contentment and lead a peaceful life should have at least one Budhha statue at their homes.
  • Increasing family bonding is now easier. All you should do is place the laughing Buddha in the eastern sector of the living room, as it is the common area where the family gathers to spend a relaxing time. Make sure to find a place for the Buddha to be visible to all the members from all the points.
  • To achieve overall well-being and earn rightful wealth and fortune, place a laughing Buddha statue facing one's Sheng Chi direction. It will also help you realise your aspiration and enables you to achieve your goals faster.
  • Southeast is the aptest direction to place your laughing Budhha. Identify a place in the specified corner in the main hall or study room, or meditation room to increase income and luck.
  • Keeping Laughing Buddha in the office reduces negativity, provides clarity, keeps enemies at bay, and brings wealth, prosperity, and fortune.
  • To achieve your goals and ambitions, keep a small statue of a laughing Buddha on your desk facing you.

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Is there free shipping available on laughing Buddha?
No, we do not have the free delivery option on ordering a single piece of laughing Buddha. To know if and how you can avail of the free shipping option, contact our help-desk.

Can I gift a happy buddha statue to anyone?
Yes. Laughing Buddha is an excellent gifting option, and you can gift it to anyone. If you are ordering a Feng shui laughing Buddha, kindly inform the person about the proper placement of the Buddha statue.

Is it good to keep the Buddha statue at home?
Yes, it is good to keep laughing Buddha Statue at home. You can check with our Vastu and feng shui experts to know the direction and room to place these laughing buddha statues.

Which Buddha is lucky for the home?
There are different types of laughing Buddha. To bring in good fortune, place laughing Buddha playing with children at your homes.