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Vastu Shastra is the “architectural science” which helps construct a suitable dwelling. These dwellings are designed with the five elements of nature which are also known as “ Panchbhootas”. They are as follows:

  • Earth 
  • Air
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Space

Vastu Shastra is a mixture of these elements with humans to make the place auspicious and safe to dwell. Being implemented in the construction of temples, it has spread all over India and plays a dominant role in house constructions now. They diminish the negativity of any place and fills it with positive vibes and aura. Many such Vastu Products are there like wind chimes, Vastu Plants and Vastu Pyramids, which helps diminish negativity from its surrounding and improves the life of the residents. Feng Shui Turtle is a tortoise that will give more benefits when you will use this carefully, correctly and treated as respect.

Wondering where to you could acquire all these and many other Vastu products? PujaNPujari.com is the one stop solution for all your Vastu related problems. Along with several other Puja items, this online platform has listed an array of Vastu products for the goodwill of your house.

Several auspicious species from Vastu tortoises to fishes showpiece figurines that are guaranteed to bring good luck into your house can be found here. 

Gifting just got easier. Move over products that are merely decorative and explore their benefits as Vastu Shastra has been a part of the Indian culture from time immemorial. The vibrant temples, castles and towns across India are proof of the use Vastu Shastra also known as the ‘science of architecture.’

Vastu Shastra is known to bring positivity, wealth, good health along with several other benefits to one’s house. Ever spotted a golden tortoise in your neighbor’s house? It is not just a decorative item as it is said to bring good luck to those who embrace it. 

Significance of Vastu products

  • It helps maintain relationships with love and harmony.
  • It removes negative energy from the surrounding areas and instills fresh energy. 
  • It spreads positiveness everywhere around it. 
  • It extracts powerful energy of sun, moon, earth, plants and every heavenly body to fulfill your desires and dreams. 

Vastu Tips for Home, Office, Shop, Kitchen,Bedroom.

Types of Vastu Products

  • Pyramid: Pyramids are conically structured items and are known to remove negative energies stagnant at a place. These pyramids fill the place with positivity and warmth of spirituality in its surroundings. The garb gruhas of all major Hindu temples along with the pyramids in Greece is the live example of their existence for long decades. 
  • Yantra: The geometrical representation of god and goddesses on a single metal piece be it Gold, copper, brass or anything else with circumscribed mantras is known as a yantra. They are worshiped for meditation, obtaining powers, restraining negativity to invent to a particular place and also to perform some occult practices.  
  • Energy Plate: Energy plates are multicolored plates installed in house/dwellings to correct the Vastu dosha. It also purifies a place and makes it safe and secure for its residents. The colors inscribed on it depicts different issues and purposes to be resolved. It energizes a room and so it should not be kept in the kitchen, bathrooms or toilets.
  • Gem Stone: Gemstones are real gems and that's the reason they got their name as gems. They heal us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as psychologically and hence they are responsible for our overall development and growth. Puja N Pujari houses some of the best quality gems for its customers which can be bought at an affordable rate from our online portal. They are prepared through intense processes of nature and are Vastu compliant. Using these gems frees us from all negativeness of life.
  • Crystal: Clear crystal, black crystal, rose quartz are some of the crystals kept in houses and offices to remove negativity and also to fill the place with new energy and its positive vibes. Citrine, white moonstone, green tourmaline are some examples of crystals that give an immediate solution to Vastu related problems.
  • Buddha Idols: Laughing Buddha is one of the most important and easily available Vastu items. Basically, six types of Buddhas are there each with their own significance. Buy them from Puja N Pujari and place it in appropriate locations to reap their benefits. 
  • Feng Shui Products: Feng shui products include a lot of products like laughing buddha idols, metal coins, tortoise, bamboo plants, money plants and many more which when kept in an appropriate place provides positivity and growth to the surrounding areas and its residents.
  • Wind Chimes: Wind chimes These are one of the most common vastu and Feng shui that are used at home, office. These are not only used as vastu items, but also home decor. And wind chimes are a great option for gifting.

Collections Of Diffrent Types of Vastu Products 

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