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Puja N Pujari is a spiritual formation of all puja's. And we have different types of door hanging torans like tread toran, toran with conventional motifs, bead toran, and flower toran, etc. You can hang these torans for the door it looks very nice. And these torans are made with wood, flower, stone, and cross piece. Torans are also called as Bandanwaars. It can be used to decorate the main entrance door of the house. The reason behind the decorating main doors with the Torans is to satisfying and tempts the goddess Lakshmi Devi for happiness. So buy these toran designs for a door on our website, hang it to your main entrance door and get the blessings from goddess Laxmi.

Significance of Torans for Doors

The attractive door hanging is called as Bandanwaars or Torans, these torans has particular significance as a decorating attachment. If you invite your guests to your home, while they entered to home these hanging torans are the first thing to welcome them. Normally, doors decorated with mango leaves, marigold flowers, or a thread that is tied on the door with the flowers. It can be hung in the time of festivals, marriages. Naturally, when you listen to the Diwali festival you will plan a different type of thing like shopping, cleaning and lighting the house, purchase sweets for relatives and friends. But there is one more important thing accessory to the Diwali festival that is Torans. It is a tradition of door hanging toran for Diwali in Indian houses. These flowers, beads hanging torans gives the festive mood to their family.

Our Versatility

Flower Toran: Flower toran hangings are the best model for the door decoration. It can be made from artificial flowers. It is a washable and re-use for next year.

Bead Toran: Bead means small pieces of glass or stones or similar material. Bead torans are made from different types of beads. Many of the bead torans are made with red, brown, orange, and yellow colors because these are the traditional colors.

Thread Toran: Thread torans are looked like very classic, these tread torans normally made from different color threads. This is very good looking compared to other accessories.

Toran with Conventional Motifs: Conventional motifs are a swastika, Om, And betel leaves, etc. It is made with conventional motifs. If you hang it to the doors it gives an excellent look. Orange, yellow, and red colors are used for these torans.

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