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Wedding Return Gifts

Hindu weddings are known to be one of the most religious affairs world-wide. Weddings are joyous occasions where two families get together to bless a couple for a long life of togetherness. The extended family, friends, and everyone associated with either the couple or the family come to bless health and wealth to the couple.

The idea behind honoring your guests who attend the marriage is quite sophisticated. So, when you hand the guests with meaningful return gifts, you make sure people remember the couple whenever they use or see the gift. And whenever someone uses the present, they will think back about the day and send positive blessings to the couple to enhance their relationship. Hence you must choose a gift that can invoke blessings to the couple. One such ceremony is honoring the guests with wedding return gifts to convey their presence makes a difference to you. The age-old tradition of honoring guests with tamboolam is present in all the traditional Hindu marriages. 

Wedding return gift ideas

At the pujaNpujari online shopping portal, you can find a wide range of gifts that can easily fit into your budget. We know weddings are a costly affair, but as mentioned above, finding that one meaningful return-gift makes an enormous difference to your guests. We have a wide range of return gifts made of silver, brass, polyresin, ceramic, metal, plastic, and copper. Each piece is uniquely designed to offer the satisfaction of both guest and host.

Some of the most popular wedding return gifts that are sold frequently on our site are -

  • Ganesh Wall Hanging - Ganesh wall hanging is a beautiful decorative item that can bring in the lord's blessing by adorning your walls
  • Tulasi Mandapam - Tulasi mandapam holds religious significance. Giving them as return gifts is sure to send blessings your way.
  • Cow and Calf statue - Like Tulasi, a cow is said to be the abode of all the Hindu gods. Giving your guest this artistic statue is sure to bring prosperity to their homes and positivity to yours.
  • Photo frames - The frames are a way of capturing beautiful memories. They are one of the best gifts suitable for all occasions like weddings, wedding return gifts, birthday parties, and more.
  • Kalamkari Gift Boxes and Tumblers - Kalamkari items are among the most popular return gifts. Even among them, beautifully decorated boxes and tumblers take priority as they add to the beauty of the kitchens.

Online Shopping at pujaNpujari

You can buy the best products at wholesale rates, with each gift priced at or below Rs 100, Rs 200 & Rs 500. We even provide you the option of gifting gift-hampers using which they can buy useful items from our portal. So, order your return gifts with us today at affordable prices. We assure you the best returns on the money spent by providing you with quality materials.

Word of Wise: 

Fix your budgets before you come shopping for the wedding return gifts. The gifts should add meaning to the wedding such that the guests remember you and your family fondly when they see it.