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Birthday Return Gifts

Birthdays are mostly close-knit affairs with your loved ones. It is a day to cherish your being and knowing you make a difference in the lives of your loved ones. While you may not want to spend extravagantly on your birthday party, it is a nice gesture to send your guests home with a warm birthday return gift.

Birthday return gifts really depend on whose birthday is it - an adult's or a kid's? Or is it a boy's or a girl's? For a kid's birthday return gifts, the choices are much simple. Since you will have a lot of tiny guests at your home, giving them colorful gifts makes sense. But if the party is for teenagers or adults, then one must put thought into it as you cannot offer something random.

Birthday Return Gift Ideas

At our pujaNpujari online portal, you can browse through hundreds of items that can offer perspective into the gifts. Choosing the gift is easier for birthday return gifts as you know who and how many will be attending the party. So take your time and browse through our online store to find presents to appease everyone's taste and make them feel special.

For 1st year Birthday parties, we suggest you choose something traditional like decorative bowls, small idols or photo frame of deities, diyas, or decorative wall hangings to gift your relatives. For the older generation, you can even opt to gift them holy granths if you know they are into spiritual discoveries. The variety is not limited to these. For birthdays of the much older generation than toddlers, you can even opt for presenting thoughtful gifts like kalamkari products, Fengshui materials, cloth bags, bangle pouches, jute bags, and other wide varieties. One of the most thoughtful gifts would be the Fengshui vastu plants, which will not only add a little greenery to the indoors but also bring luck if cared for well. You can browse through our entire collection and see if this idea resonates well with you.

Online Shopping for Ideal Return Gifts

At pujaNpujari online store, we simplify your birthday return gifts shopping experience. You can browse through our entire web shopping portal to find return gifts to suit your budget. We have presents for the price as small as Rs 50 and scales up in multiples of 100. Online shopping with us gives you the advantage of buying the best quality products from the comfort of your home. For bulk purchases, you can even avail products at wholesale prices, which might work out economically for you as well. 

We can even gift wrap them for you if you wish and supplement it with a customized thank you note to add a personal touch to your return gifts. Ordering gifts online will not only save you traffic time, but will also get your products delivered to your door-steps right on time.

Word of Wise: 

At the end of the day, choose wisely and spend wisely, for return gifts convey how much you appreciate the presence of your guest on your special day.

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