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Buy Dhoop Sticks Online In India @ Puja N Pujari

Puja N Pujari is a spiritual formation for all puja. And we have more collections of Dhoop sticks with various types of fragrances, shapes, and sizes. These dhoop sticks are made from plant fluids with the fragrances of Sandal, Rose, Jasmine, brown Chandan, Patchouli, Lavender, and Musk. Many numbers of dhoop sticks have cone and rectangular shapes. It can be used in Hindu rituals, like daily puja, occasions, festivals and marriage ceremonies. Its fragrance is very sweet, this aroma gives relaxation of mind, and it helps to perform the ritual with better concentration. Its lighting is very important in the devoting of deities. If we light the dhoop sticks it can spread the sweet fragrance to an entire house, and it creates a sacred atmosphere. So purchase dhoop sticks and cones online shop to perform puja in your home, it gives a pleasant atmosphere in your home. We are selling more brands like padmini, panchavati, ambica, guggal, mangaldeep dhoops sticks and more.

Significance of Dhoop Sticks & Cones

From ancient days onwards, Dhoop sticks were used to generate delightful aroma and a medicinal appliance. Dhoop sticks are the first phase in Ayurveda. During puja or festivals, the dhoop stick is lighted to remove unpleasant aroma in the air. Dhoop is one type of incense, which is popular in India. By burning it releases the smoke, it acts as organic disinfects that steer away insects. Its burning has some psychological benefits, the smell of the dhoopam has relieving power that has a tranquilizing effect on the mind. The smoke is believed to disinfect the air and killed the evil energy throughout, they are disintegrated. The lighting of it is a very olden tradition. it helps to avoid constant fights at home, family members are constantly falling in sick, and to get rid of negative energies. Dhoop is one of the essential puja items that should be at home while performing puja. 

Our Versatility

  • Sandal Dhoop Sticks: These sandal dhoop sticks are made up of high-quality sandals. It is a rectangular shape, there is no bamboo stick usage of making it. It burns half an hour with less smoke. It's fragrance also very sweet.
  • Rose Incense Cone pack: These rose dhoop sticks are made up of rose petals. It is in a cone shape. Its aroma preserved for a long time. It is very convenient to use and easy to lighting. Undoubtedly you love these flower fragrance.
  • Jasmine Incense Dhoop: This zed black dhoop stick is made up of jasmine flower. Its shape is a cone, The pleasing, mild fragrance of jasmine is expressive of a million small white blossom, a scent that is measureless preferable.

Questions & Answers

What are the benefits of lighting dhoop?
Lighting incense has an enormous role in cultural and religious practices. It can also upgrade the sleep condition and lower systolic blood pressure. It will secure your lungs.

Why do Hindu people Burn Dhoop?
Hindu people are believing that the smoke appears into the air from the dhoop conveys our prayers to gods or goddess. And one scientific reason also there, that burning dhoop sticks can increase our mental capability.  

Why do we use Dhoop sticks?
The fragrance of the dhoopam has relieving power that has a tranquilizing effect on the mind. And it helps to perform the ritual with better concentration.

Where dhoop incense can be used?
It is used for religious, spiritual, aesthetic, cultural, and meditations. From Temples to Homes incense is burnt all around the world. It is not only for religious purposes but also because of its spiritual aspect and pleasant smell.