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Also known by other names - Devi, Shakti, Kali, goddess Durga has the power to create, protect, and destroy things. One of the most famous mythological stories on her is the slaying of the demon Mahishasura.
Armed with the celestial weapons, she took on the demonic forces all alone and demolished them to ashes. Hence, if someone is looking for protection from enemies or negative energies, then one must worship Durga for driving away all the negativity.
Navaratri or Dusshera celebrate her various avatars. Devotees spend the ten days worshipping and praising the all-knowing goddess who takes care of her devotees like her children. Her ten divine forms are Kushmanda, Chandraghanta, Brahmacharini, Shailaputri, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, Mahakali, and Durga.

Why should you worship Durga Mata?

  • Meditating with Maha Kali in the heart gives you the strength to start and finish your undertakings on time and manifest divine abundance.
  • Worshiping Durga every day drives away all the negative energy and helps build up positive energy at home or office.
  • We associate her to play an essential role in creating, maintaining, and destroying the material manifestations of the cosmos.
  • Maha Kali is one of the fiercest manifestations of Durga. Having her murti around is just like having her around for your protection.
  • Goddess Durga is an epitome of courage. So when you are foraying into new ventures, having her murti around will bless you with the much-required courage and success.

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