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 Buy Brass Idols Online at Lowest Prices in India @PujaNPujari

The most common metal used to carve deities is the brass. The metal is an alloy of copper and zinc. Both metals have unique properties and find their use for a variety of purposes. When combined in the proper ratio to form bronze, and then turn it into idols, they carry powerful spiritual energies. These positive vibrations lead to attracting healing, wealth, and protection. Hence, having brass idols at homes or office serve more purpose than just being a decor item.

Our reasonable prices and beautiful artwork from our artisans will enhance the divinity of your pooja room. We also have other significant idols in our collection that include statues of cow and calf, Kamadhenu, horses, and more. Hence, we believe you must look at the entire collection and place your order. You can also gift these idols on special occasions to your loved ones. We will deliver them gift-wrapped, making sure your gift warms the heart of the receiver. Order with us and experience a hassle-free delivery of the best quality brass idols. 

Reasons to Use Brass Idols

There are many reasons to use brass idols to perform our daily puja either at home or office. The idols come in several sizes, making it easy to select the size to place them even in the dearth of spaces in compact homes.

  • Brass idols are readily available at affordable rates. Hence, the cost is within reach of the common man.
  • Brass does not corrode from the salt-water, so you can stop worrying about the water's hardness affecting your idols.
  • The idols made of brass exhibits low friction.
  • If appropriately maintained, idols made of brass have a golden and thus radiant appearance.
  • Worshiping idols made of brass have the power to bring back mental vitality and keeps up spirits of the members alive.
  • Worshiping idols made of brass have the power to speed up the time to achieve your dreams and goals.
  • Brass, in general, is said to be the metal that purifies negative energies. Hence, placing brass idols at home, especially at the entrance, acts as a perfect shield to remove all the home's negative energies.
  • Placing brass idols in the meditation rooms enhances individuals' productivity by balancing the chakras and by clearing off the negative energies present in the chakras.

PujaNPujari Online Shopping Portal

The brass statue's on our online shopping portal come in various sizes. You can now choose from the vast collection and zero in on the idols with which you wish to adore your pooja room. The popular belief among devotees is that keeping a brass idol of Lord Ganesha at home and worshiping him every day brings immense joy to families. We not only have the brass idol of Lord Ganesh but also of various gods - Goddess Lakshmi, Shivaling, Statue of Radha Krishna, Goddess Annapurna, Lord Kuber, Goddess Durga, Lord Krishna, and more.