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Decoration word is deeply connected with a girl as being a woman every girl knows the quality of decorating a place. It may be a house, office or temple, their vision and imaginativeness are delightful to make a place beautiful. Similarly, buying of diyas is associated with spirituality which is always given preference whether at home or tulasi deepam or office and so we came up with the diya’s made from brass, white metal, German silver, and clay. These diya’s can be easily bought from us without roaming in the market here and there in search of them. Online services are made for the customer’s ease and it also comes with other benefits as well like the availability of a wide range of products in affordable range at one single place. Now, be it Diwali, daily puja or any specialized puja, just visit our website Puja N Pujari for your choice of Diya and get it in your place at the right time.

Significance of Diyas in Puja:

Diya or Oil Lamps are an integral part of Indian culture and traditions. As per the sayings, a diya or a lamp is made to hold oil or ghee and it is being lit up by placing a cotton wick in the oil/ghee. This wick is flamed to lamp the Diya. In a diya, oil/ghee resembles our greed, hatred and other weaknesses whereas the cotton wick which burns itself resembles our ego and when a diya is burned, the oil is consumed and our ego dissipates to spread light and new thoughts every where.

Our versatility:

Puja N Pujari team has a wide collection of diyas and lamps made from brass, white metal and German silver.We are a house of large variety of diyas which includes akhand diya, brass diyas with long and medium sized stands, electric diyas of varied size, beautiful rangoli diyas with art forms inscribed on them, colourful diyas specially meant for Diwali festival and many more. Being inspired by Made in India campaign we are also selling clay diyas which are high in demand in Diwali to lit the lamps as a custom. Lightening of lamps in Diwali has many advantages and is said to remove all negativity from the surrounding by spreading its light to overcome darkness.

Akhand diyas: Akhand diya’s are specially designed with small hole in between to hold the cotton wick and the oil is supplied to the wick from its bottom. Akhand diyas are meant to prevent the wick from turning off and is specially used in Navratra and Ganesha chaturthi when its assumed that if we lit the lamps for continuous nine days then it imparts us with wisdom and wealth.

Electric diyas - Electric diyas are made of plastics with a cord attached to it. This cord is plugged in the electric socket which in turn lights up the diya with multicoloured lights. These diyas are used for decorative purposes and are available in many sizes.

Crystal diya - Crystal diyas are used for lighting lamps by using cotton wicks and deepam oil. It creates a meditative and peaceful ambiance in Pooja Room. Make everyday and festive days more colourful by decorating your home with these spiritual diyas.

Brass Diyas - Bring a beautiful look to your home with this Brass Diyas made by the skilled and talented craftsmen in India. Attractive designs and high quality materials used for these diyas add to the authenticity of any festive decoration.

Hanging Diyas - Bring a Unique and homely look to your home or puja room with this Hanging Diyas made by the fully skilled artment in India. 

Clay Diyas - Clay diyas are traditional Indian style lamps to lit in auspicious occasions or any ritual ceremonies. These clay diyas give traditional look in home.