Best Indian Wedding Return Gift Ideas For a Friend, Guests & Relatives

A wedding is a significant milestone, and it marks new beginnings and journeys of a life long of togetherness. Marriages in India are not just a union between two young souls. It is a joyous occasion for two families to get together to bless a couple of a long and happily married life. 

The age-old tradition of honoring guests with tamboolam is present in all the traditional Hindu marriages. Another way is to honor them with return gifts. When you hand the guests with meaningful return gifts, you make sure people remember the couple whenever they use or see the return-gift. Whenever someone uses the present, they will think back about the day sending positive blessings to the couple. The positivity helps them overcome their differences in their difficult times and focus on spending meaningful time instead of highlighting the petty issues. Hence you must carefully choose a gift that can invoke positive blessings to the couple.

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How to select the right wedding return-gift?

  • The process of selecting the right gift is quite straightforward. 
  • The first and foremost step is to fix your budget for the wedding return gifts. 
  • You will have a list of your guests. Make relatable categories like friends, family, and colleagues. You can further allocate a budget for each type and then think of the best guest gift ideas. When thinking of ideas, remember to choose return gifts that add meaning to the wedding. It should be such that the guests remember you and your family fondly when they see it.
  • After knowing what return-gift you need, you can start searching online for various sellers who can offer discounts on bulk orders.
  • You can wrap these gifts in beautiful wrappers to make it look more attractive.

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Wedding Return Gift Ideas

At the pujaNpujari online shopping portal, you can find a wide range of gifts that can easily fit into your budget. We know weddings are a costly affair, so finding that one meaningful memorabilia that can please both you and your guests makes a huge difference. The wide range of return gifts made of silver, brass, polyresin, ceramic, metal, plastic, and copper is uniquely designed to offer guests and host satisfaction.

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A unique way to think of finding your perfect wedding return gift is to imagine where you want it to be displayed. 

  • If you want them to be placed in the living room, wall hangings, paintings, photo frames, or other art items make for good return gifts. 
  • If you incline towards sustaining greenery, indoor plants also make for a good return gift idea.
  • In case you are religiously inclined, you can think of gifting beautiful idols, or religious texts and books or such related items. 
  • If you decide with neither, you can look into neutral options like carved or decorated wooden items; personalized bags, pouches, or key-chains; dream-catchers; or more in the league. 
  • Wind-chimes actually make for a uber-cool gift because it will remind your guests of you every time a soft breeze wafts in and creates a delicate sound uplifting their moods and spirits.

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You can choose your return gifts according to the relationship you share with your guest. 

  • You can choose to gift a simple two-layer bamboo plant or money plant for friends, which adds color to the interiors. Other keepsakes can include wall hangings, decorative key-holder wall mounts, tealight holders, wall painting, photo frames, embossed wooden boxes, and more. 
  • For relatives, you can opt to gift more traditional items such as idols of deities, diyas, puja trays, cow and calf statues, Tulasi mandapams, Ganesha wall hangings, Kalamkari boxes and tumblers, and more. 

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You can never run short of unique ideas. Poke around the internet and spend a little time; it will ignite the spark and start the brain's gears to give your guest beautiful return-gifts that are sure to make a difference. Reach out to us for more ideas; we can help you customize them or build on your ideas to make your day more memorable with elegant and classy souvenirs.

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