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Daily Horoscope

Horoscope Questions & Answers

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Recently Customer Asked Questions

Name: Kavitha ,DOB:20/11/1998 I have long and thick hair, but now I'm facing hair fall problem from 8 years for this problem i went hospital also and my blood report also normal i don't y I'm facing this problem, how can I stop my hair fall for that what I have to do ?please help me

When Lord mars and lord Rahu when they are conjucted this kind of hair fall problem will start (alopecia). Since Lord Budha is having good strength in your horoscope you can have an Ayurveda consultation for hair fall problems. Check for sarpa dosha and mangal dosha in your horoscope if it exists follow the required remedies for dosha to resolve.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I have a son of 8.5 yrs old. His DOB is 15/11/2012. Birth time - 3.30pm, Birth place - Rourkela, Odisha. Name - Siddharth Nayak. I just want to know his future. What is the problem in his horoscope??
19/07/2021,Rina Sahani

Every 6 months or 1 year once perform the Rudra Abhishek puja for lord shiva as per your ability, so this will help to solve the problems in your horoscope. By following this your son  will lead to having a bright future.

By Puja N Pujari Team
My date of birth 19/05/1982, time 3:42 pm, Kolkata, when I get permanent job? I am working now but not good position

Do Aditya hrudayam and Rama Raksha stotram for 15 to 21 days following sathwik diet( veg). And also visit your nearby places Kapila muni ashram in Ganga river island in Kolkata. To get the best results in the workplace or to get a new job.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Date of birth 15/06/1966 from may onwards getting lot of health problems kindly suggest for good health and wealth
15/07/2021,Devendra Rao

The Lord Rahu Ketu transition in this year will bring a favorable situation, which will help to gain wealth and health issues improvements within 2 years. 

By Puja N Pujari Team
Will I become rich

When the period of lord Jupiter, lord mercury, lord Saturn this period will bring wealth and good opportunities to gain profit in the business. But the effects of this planet will vary as per your planetary position in the personalized horoscope.

By Puja N Pujari Team
8/4/1995 at 5.40 pm born,,, How is my love life,, will that person marry me ,,, live together for long time,,,, please tell me

If the partner's love is true by performing the gandharva puja will help get success in the marriage and for married couples puja will help to maintain unity in the couples. 

By Puja N Pujari Team
I am Seema Roy born on 26-05-1997, 11:20 AM, kadaka laganam and uttradam nakshatra. i am no seeing any progress in life, it feels like stuck in hole of darkness. everything is stopped in matter of finance and education. I dont know what i should do and do not
19/06/2021,Seema Roy

Even if your Lagna is had karka Lagna now at the present in your horoscope having the Shukla Mangala dosh. To overcome this pray to your family god and show some kindness to your family towards elder couples that will give you good opportunities. If possible try to visit the  Kalktha Kapila Muni ashrama or dakshineswar kali matha temple on Friday will give you good results. 

By Puja N Pujari Team
my marriage is getting delay and confused more about my life
18/06/2021,archana h

Try to offer sweets on Fridays to the married women or offer the food to the orphanage, by doing this you will get the elders and couple blessings this will lead to getting married soon. 

By Puja N Pujari Team
Guruji i am suffering from too much of credits and i am not having job properly, even if i have a job and i am working also i wont get salary guruji, because of all these issues my credits are becoming more not able to come out of this, wen i will gete a good job and clear all my credits guruji??

Credits issues will be solved by reading the runa vimochana Narasimha stotra ability of 7 Tuesdays runa vimochana Ganapathi stotra ability of 7 Tuesdays as your convenient this will give you the good results.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I had a love marriage but right now I am in a situation where I think our marriage won't last for long .My husband is totally in hands of his sister where my importantance in his life seems has finished. He does everything that she wants and neglects the responsibilities towards me. I have been explaining other people have also tried explaining but it seems we all have failed Kindly please help me for I don't want this marriage to end up like this .
12/06/2021,Esther lewis

Pashu pashupathi and Shukra budha Shanthi home can be done, especially worshiping god manmatha and Lord shiva will help you lead the good life. If u do the manmatha puja this puja special in north India is prominent after ashada Purnima this is called Savitri Vrata puja which means by performing puja for banyan tree you will get good results.

By Puja N Pujari Team

Libra(Tula Rashi)

The scales represent the 7th zodiac sign, Libra. Libran value harmony, honesty, justice, and are always willing to prioritize others feelings over theirs. They are fantastic mediators as they are patient listeners and see everybody's point of view before arriving at a decision.
Librans are dreamers, and they always dream big. With proper company and guidance, they can achieve a splendid life which they prefer having.

Virgo Quick Facts

  • Sanskrit Name: Tula
  • Cancer Dates: September 23 – October 22
  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • House: Seventh
  • Colors:Ivory, Pink, & Light Blue
  • Tarot Card: The Justice
  • Element+ Polarity: Air + Positive
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Days: Thursday
  • Flowers: Rose
  • Lucky Gem: Sapphire
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius
  • Lucky Numbers :4, 6, 13, 15, 24

Libra Characteristics

Autumn is the season of Libra. The scales represent justice and harmony. With an affinity to the Air element Librans find it easier to establish social connections and explore their world and relationship with the finesse of flowing air.
The zodiac sign is an actual team player. They approach life with a larger picture in mind. When they feel overwhelmed, they stand back and calmly analyze situations and find the best method to set it back on its track.
They are strongly attracted to intelligence and love having mind-stimulating conversations at length. Outdoor public life is their area of expertise, and no one can resist being into their charm and all giving personality.

Libra Personality

Libra likes: harmony, gentleness, sharing with others, the outdoors..
Libra dislikes: Violence, injustice, loudmouth, conformity.
Libra's personality is because of yang qualities. They are blessed with leadership and social initiation qualities. Gathering people for just causes comes naturally to this zodiac.
They are skillful negotiators and are quick to find their way out of sticky situations. They forgive and forget and are eager to iron out the difference so that everyone can go back to enjoying their lives to the fullest.

Positive Traits:

  • Loving, healing and balancing are the primary traits of Libra.
  • They prioritize other's feelings over theirs.
  • Librans are great communicators and listeners.
  • The scales zodiac represents Librans need to be just and fair.
  • They do not hold grudges and forgive and forget easily. They believe in giving people second chances to prove themselves.
  • The unknown side of the ascending Librans is they are super creative. Their imagination is beyond comprehension and thinks out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Librans' need for a creative lifestyle makes them daring enough to try fresh things in life.
  • Librans like to expand their social circle. They are easy to befriend, but it might take some time to earn their trust.

Negative Traits

  • Librans ignore their feelings to prioritize others. This nature will backfire in the long run.
  • Librans do not value themselves enough and tend to self-doubt themselves.
  • Since they dislike saying no to everyone, they over-commit to work.
  • Libra is indecisive. It comes from their nature to weigh the pros and cons before making every decision.
  • Librans need to be continuously reminded that they deserve te love and attention they get.
  • Libra can manipulate others since they need to be thorough and research everything.

Libra Compatibility

Librans love horoscope shows they blend best with fire and air signs. These zodiacs find that having relationships with water and earth signs is challenging.

Best Compatibility Signs

  • Gemini interconnected world can find balance with Libra's presence in their lives. Hence, their compatibility seems excellent.
  • Leo appreciates Libran's sense of justice and their self-independent nature.
  • Sagittarius and Librans find it comfortable to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and abundance the life has to offer.
  • Libra and Aquarius enjoy lengthy conversations and share ideas on social justice and issues.

Least compatibility

  • Cancer and Libra hardly share interests and find it challenging to spend time together.
  • Capricorn and Libras union may become a business relationship, in the end, changing from a romantic period.

Libra Woman

Libra women are charming, captivating, and friendly. They are flawless and complete in their own way. They are excellent communicators and can charm their way into conversations quickly. They have incredible common sense and are rational thinkers. Though their emotions are erratic, they find solace in seeking justice for others.
Libran women are well-groomed and are beauty conscious. They treat everyone equally. She continually tries to work on her romantic relationships and delivers her best. As an honest companion, she is open to effective communication to build comfortable homes.

Libra Man

Effective communication is the second nature of a Libran. They are diplomatic and tactful. Libra men are romantic and prefer having honest relationships. They are perfect conversation starters. They are witty and light up conversations in the room.
They prefer being in partnerships when they set out to find an alternative way of life. They like making friends and have a large friend circle. The only drawback is their indecisiveness when they have to make on-the-spot decisions.
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