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Recently Customer Asked Questions

Can anyone help me interpret my 7th house ? I’m a bit confused on how these energies are suppose to work ... Moon & Uranus ( both are in Aquarius) sit in this house Capricorn in 7th house in Uranus & Moon

The 7th house is the house of partnerships. Also known as the Decendent and will always be in the opposite sign as your Ascsendant (Rising). Your Rising is Leo than it would be safe to have your decendent is in Aquarius. Because Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Virgo sun/Capricorn rising and I had abusive childhood and it took me a long time to set healthy boundaries

This Virgo Sun/Cancer Rising clicks with this immediately. Extremely neglected by my own mother, I’ve found it healing for myself to nurture others. Those in need have always navigated to me, but it took many years to set healthy boundaries. So I’d probably do this for free if I had plenty of time on my hands and didn’t need the money.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I have Saturn transiting my 12 th house, also Pluto and Jupiter, all of them additionally conjuncting my Sun, Neptune and Uranus. I think it's about get rid of your subconscious beliefs. Ask yourself what beliefs you might have that don't serve you, and fears. Therapy would be good if you don't know how to change limiting beliefs by yourself.

Don't be scared. Anything that comes to the surface, is coming to be healed. The best way is to ride it. You got this Neptune is transmitting 12th house... I would prefer Saturn over Neptune lol. Facing many fears and suffering depression, but try to overcome it because of knowlidge of this transition.

By Puja N Pujari Team
My daughter has Mars in Scorpio in 12 H trine her Cancer Moon. She is only 10 and we work very hard on taming her anger. like he has anger issues but not towards me. His temper is short, it’s also in his 12H so he doesn’t really know where to channel his anger

I think that’s a common issue with mars in 12h.. they need to learn where to channel their aggression. He does lots of things like skateboarding and playing drums when he’s angry to help him

By Puja N Pujari Team
Pisces moon to compliment my Venus in Libra and Virgo Sun to ground me. Is it possible.

Have always loved learning and studying philosophy and theology. Plus you will be always up for a new adventure, a little slower in older years but still have a great joy having Pisces and Virgo Sun.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Moon in Leo 4th & Uranus in Leo 4th - although Neptune in 7th Scorpio - would that calm things down being in a water sign maybe? For years people at work used to call me a witch (I'm not) because I seemed to KNOW things and they kept saying "You said that would happen"....

Leo Stellium in Sun, Moon, Mercury 1st house. Leo Rising. Venus & Mars in Leo 12th house. It's obvious that you are a fire dom and the signature sign is Leo. In my natal, having Moon in natal chart Leo 4th house, Uranus in 10 Aquarius 6th house Neptune in 5th, Aquarius 6th house. It may happen what you say may come true and is great opportunity for your surrounding people to know before what may happen in future.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Yep, I have Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the 3rd house. I dropped out of kindergarten. Back then it wasn't a requirement. Unfortunately, no one ever told me you could not put a square peg in a round hole so my first intelligence tests were not great. My early teachers either loved or hated me.

You are left-handed and did have to overcome doing things right to left and backward. However, you are a avid reader and have Mercury in. You ultimately become a critical care nurse. The Uranus/Jupiter conjunction is part of a Grand trine in water involving my Sun in the 11th house and Saturn in the 7th house.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I was born on 12th November, 1984. Can you please tell me my horoscope.

Mercury is in libra 12th house and you will have the hardest time trying to vocalize what I mean without sounding blunt. That is most definitely possible!! Your 12th house is in Aries & your Mars is in Aries in the 12th & your Saturn is in Taurus in the 12th.Looks like you have aspects to Saturn but I’m horrible with aspects still, I’m sorry

By Puja N Pujari Team
I really agree with everything (speaking on the archetype level)! Except, I would think Gemini's would really turn Scorpios off, rather than intrigue. Butting heads with Leo though, that's a definite.

Appreciate the Mars drive of Aries, Don't argue with Taurus, Conversate with Gemini, Stay away from winey Cancers, gravitate towards humorous ones, Ignore Leo's boasting, Copasetic with Virgos, Argue with Libras to see them change sides/opinions, Are wary of other Scorps until I know them well, Have fun and laugh with Sag, Respect most Caps, except the female social climber version, Don't get emotional around Aquas, have a spiritual connection to Pisces, unless they are substance abusers.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I don't judge Aquarius, as an Aquarius I find a lot of strong Scorpio placements gravitate towards me... I believe my Taurus moon and Pisces mars have a strong influence too

I am married to an Aquarius and love the Pisces people in my life, but have never been in love with one. Definitely in synch with other Scorpios!!! I analyze Libras, but I analyze everyone. I have Scorpio Sun and Uranus conjunct in the first house, Scorpio part of Fortune and North Node in the 2nd house. Moon conjunct Pluto. Pluto and moon conjunct the Ascendant.

By Puja N Pujari Team

Leo (Simha Rashi)

Leo, symbolized by the lion, is a bold and intelligent zodiac sign. Filled with pride, they are hardworking leaders. They like being at the center of attention at social gatherings. With their personality traits, they stand out in the crowd. Though people feel they are self-centered, a Leo will go all-out for helping their friends and family, for they must protect their pride.
Leo season starts from July 23, during the height of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun is most potent during the time, filling the zodiac sign with bursts of positive and bright energy. They radiate pride, confidence, courage, and celebrate summer life.

Leo Quick Facts

  • Sanskrit Name: Simha
  • Cancer Dates: July 23 - August 23
  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Ruling Planet: Sun
  • House: Fifth
  • Colors: Gold
  • Tarot Card: Strength
  • Element+ Polarity: Fire + Positive
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Days: Sunday
  • Flowers: Sunflower and Marigold
  • Lucky Gem: Carnelian
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra
  • Lucky Numbers :1, 3, 10, 19

Leo Characteristics

Leo's core-strength of self-confidence makes them achievers. Leo's horoscope shows that they are supremely talented and are dramatic. They exude warmth and enthusiasm, making people around them adore their personality.
Fire is one of the lightest and brightest core-element. Leo's affinity for leadership, self-promotion, and courage is kindled by this element that brightens its surrounding.

Leo Personality

Ancient seers and thinkers attributed life on earth to the sun, since it powers the life-force.
Leo's is no exception to that. With the sun as the ruling planet, Leo can look forward to a bright future filled with happiness. They derive their traits from yang qualities, making this sign extrovert and increases love for life.
As a fixed sign, the lions dedicate themselves passionately to projects. They lead the team from the front, putting in an equal amount of effort as their team. The zodiac sign natives are "performers," and will face the challenges head-on instead of avoiding them. Their love for exploring life with great intensity acts as their best teacher creating a unique path.

Positive Traits:

  • Courage and confidence are the primary strength of Leo.
  • With the sun as their ascending sign, the Leo natives find it easy to feel happy, enthusiastic, and optimistic.
  • Self-doubt is something that the zodiac does not have. They radiate confidence every step of their way.
  • Leo possesses a dominant sense of pride and loyalty. Once they commit to a relationship, then they are in it for their life. Whether it is a romantic relationship or friendship, you can always count on them.
  • Leo encourages people around them and motivates them to always give their best.
  • The zodiac sign appreciates with excellent gifts and experiences for a job well done. They don't shy away from appreciations.
  • Leadership comes naturally for this sign.
  • Artistic tendencies are among the hidden qualities of Leo. The others in the list include a boundless capacity for love, affection, and generosity.

Negative Traits

  • The "fixed" quality of this sun-sign makes Leo go to extreme lengths to defend their opinions.
  • The lions find it difficult to accept their mistakes and hasty decisions.
  • Their pride and longing for limelight can make them insecure.
  • They are always on the look-out for compliments and assurance from their loved ones.
  • It easy to drive Leo to be jealous. They grow competitive when it comes to sharing affections.
  • They take split-decisions without giving seconds, which can be disastrous at times.
  • Teaching Leo to listen while quietening them is difficult.

Leo Compatibility

Leo natives gel well with fire signs and air signs. Compatibility with water signs and earth signs is challenging for Leo.

Best Compatibility

  • Aries and Sagittarius have their individuality and do not compete with Leo for the spot-light.
  • Gemini and Libra are Air Signs. Both of them are drawn to Leo's nature involving love, affection, and generosity.

Least compatibility

  • Taurus is as stubborn and self-centered as the Lion sign. Hence, the relationship is not ideal.
  • Scorpio's possessive nature and Leo's jealous nature will cause a destructive relationship.

Leo Women

A Leo woman is vigorous, bold, and prefers being in control of the relationship. She bears a royal attitude and displays royalty in her actions. The enthusiasm she brings to the relationship is infectious. Having her around is being in a fun-loving company.
She is in charge of her life and does not welcome any suggestions to change her lifestyle. She does not conform to social norms and prefers treading a path that will align with her thought process

Leo Men

A Leo man is loyal and honest as long as you are on his right side. When things go wrong, he will be the most powerful enemy one can come across. They love being in the spotlight and have their ego pacified all the time. The zodiac natives prefer being in a relationship with a bold and self-reliant woman.
They reciprocate feeling and treasure genuine relationships. They easily empathize with people and encourage them to deliver their best in all situations. The Leo's are hardworking of the lot and are natural leaders. Like Leo women, even men like lead life according to their wishes and whims. They can change between being rude or kind, depending on the situation and people.
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