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Published By : Satish

Updated On : 20/08/2019

Published On : 03/07/2019

Pooja Mandir Vastu Tips & Placement Direction in Home, Office & Commercial Spaces

The wooden mandir should be placed at a height proper to the seating arrangement. It should be kept at a height right at the same level a person’s body sitting or standing in front of it. If the height is lower than that, it would be insulting to the lord. Also, above that height, it would be difficult for the person to see the god. The home puja mandir should not be kept directly to the floor, it should have some support.

Without puja mandir, the Indian homes are incomplete, because people have a tradition for performing daily puja. Nowadays everyone is giving more priority to puja mandirs. So puja mantaps(temple for god) are designed  in a house to worship God. And they have constructed a temple in house design with more expansion. Vastu for puja room is mandatory.


Puja Mandir Vastu Tips

Placement Direction In Home, Office and Commercial Spaces

  1. The puja room or idol direction of god or goddess kept in the home, office, and commercial spaces. it’s incomplete without correct Vastu Shastra.
  2. As per Vastu Shastra North-Eastern or Eastern corner of the home is considered to be perfect to keep the Puja Mandir. And it brings good luck to your place.
  3. It is very important that God face in puja room should be facing west and devotee face to the east. For placing lord idols in Puja Mantap, size of the idols should be relevant or lesser to the Matap. Mandir size is not important while doing puja.The Diya should be kept or lit in the south-east direction.
  4. Puja room is a valuable part of a home and perfect place for devoting the god. Devotees should always keep some isolation while praying or sitting in the puja mandir by using a mat or a puja chowki.
  5. Entrance of puja hall must have a threshold.

Things to Avoid While Placing Wooden Puja Mandir

  1. Puja mandir should not be in south direction.
  2. The puja mandir should not be touch to the toilet or washroom, not even flat, below or above.
  3. It should not be placed in the bedroom, kitchen in case any space problem, you can place the mandir at some height and cover it with curtain or door to hide the idols or photo frames direct eye contact.
  4. Avoid placing any inherited pictures inside the puja Mandap. It is considered as an inauspicious as per Vastu.
  5. Avoid keeping damaged idols inside the temple or Mandir. Also, avoid keeping heavy idols or frames because it damages the wooden mandir.

These are the few things about Vastu ( do’s and don’t’s).

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