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A kitchen is a place in any house that is treated as the place of worship and Goddess Lakshmi resides there. It is believed to be a woman's place where she cooks food for every member of her loving home. It is a sacred place that should be built with care removing all ill-effects because the kitchen is directly related to its owner or lady of the house and anything related to the kitchen directly affects the lady itself.

Moreover, it is very important to know the correct direction of the kitchen, as well as the place of the Gas stove, also matters. Since fire is an element that has an important significance in all Hindu households. So its important to know where to keep your microwave, stoves and other kitchen-related accessories. This knowledge is provided by pujanpujari team Vaastu Shastra experts as we have tie up’s with them. Kindly book an appointment with us and take the necessary suggestions before constructing your kitchen.

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Some do’s and don’t’s we are listing here which can be preferred for Vaastu Shastra knowledge of kitchen:


  1. The first and foremost important thing according to Vaastu Shastra is the direction, as per Vaastu Shastra a kitchen should always be present in the South-East direction of a house, which is assumed to be very auspicious and sometimes one can also prefer North-west direction too. It ensures health and wealth in the house.
  2. All the kitchen items are a representation of fire, and so each of them should be kept in the southeast direction so that while cooking the lady of the house faces East. It brings a healthy and happy life for her and brings positivity.
  3. Put the kitchen windows in the North, East, or North-East direction of the kitchen. It drains out the negativity present in the house.
  4. Another rule says that we should not keep the washbasins and cooking appliances like gas stoves and microwaves at the same level. It has a justified reason because fire and water both are opposites of each other, this brings negativity and leads to frequent quarrels, discussions among the family members.
  5. If the fridge is placed inside the kitchen then, we should place it in the south-west direction. It brings stability.
  6. Same as the fridge, all the grains and food stocks should be placed in the south-west direction of the house. Luck comes to them who follow these rules providing happiness and prosperity.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen


  • Never apply black: color in your kitchen.
  • Avoid the kitchen directly under or above the pooja/prayer room.
  • Do not have a kitchen directly under or above toilets.
  • Avoid the kitchen directly under or above the bedroom.
  • Do not place cooking gas burner or stove directly in front kitchen’s entrance door.
  • Do not have main door of the kitchen in any corner; place it in East, North, or West wall.
  • A kitchen in North-East causes mental tension among family members, and they suffer great losses. This is a common Vastu defect, if – in your home – the kitchen is in the North-East corner
  • The kitchen in South-West leads to clashes among family members.

Must and Should Follow tips for Kitchen

  • According to Vastu Shastra god Agni(fire) triumph in a south-east direction. So preferably the kitchen should be placed in the south-east direction of the house.
  • The entrance of the Kitchen: The entry door of the kitchen must place on the south, east, or west.
  • Cooking Gas: A few inches away from the wall in south-east corner cooking gas should be placed. Don’t place the cooking gas in front of the kitchen main door.
  • Dining in the Kitchen: Don’t place the dining table in the center of the kitchen and don’t serve food if it is in the center of the kitchen. East or north-facing is good for dining.
  • Gas Cylinder: Filling gas cylinder should be placed in the south-east direction. And the empty cylinder should be in the south-west.
  • Refrigerator: The refrigerator should be kept in the south-east, south, west, or north direction.
  • Electric Equipment: Heaters, micro ovens, mixy, Grinder should be placed in south-east or south direction.
  • Wash Basin: sink or washbasin kept in the north-east corner.
  • Storage: For storing items south or west directions are good.
  • Windows: The east direction of the kitchen is very good for windows.
  • Colors: Red, yellow, orange, chocolate, green, and rose colors are the best for the kitchen.

Beyond Vaastu Shastra, some famous sayings are prevalent in India, and as per them its always suggested to clean the utensils before sleeping in the night, since Goddess Lakshmi visits us in silence and thus to invite her to your home its a nice option. As per one more saying, it said that always place water and other drinking utensils to the North or North-East direction of the kitchen. Many more sayings and customs practiced in each Indian household. Login to our website to book our qualified and experienced Vaastu experts. Puja N Pujari has tie-ups with famous vastu experts all around India. Call us on - +91 9916344447, +91 7406666730

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  • User Avatar
    21/12/2019 9:11:36 AM

    Is it good to add a light red color as a wall painting in the kitchen?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      30/12/2019 2:00:16 PM

      Red colour should be avoided while painting

  • User Avatar
    20/03/2019 2:37:08 PM

    Always keep north east corner of your house clean and don't allow even little garbage to collect there. always keep a water pot,filter or camper in the north easten corner of your room fix a beautiful pictures or posters depitcting rivers,sea,clouds etc.

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      30/12/2019 2:01:05 PM

      It is best to place kitchen in the north east direction

  • User Avatar
    19/02/2019 1:05:09 PM

    Never face west while cooking as this leads to severe health problems to the cook.

  • User Avatar
    18/02/2019 3:05:02 PM

    Where can we hang an elder's photo according to Vastu?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      30/12/2019 2:01:46 PM

      In bedroom you can place as a memory

  • User Avatar
    12/02/2019 9:58:18 AM

    The kitchen should ideally be located in the south-east direction. In case there is no provision for building your kitchen in the south-east direction, you can also opt for north-west direction as per Vastu. Refrigerators can be placed in south-east, north, south and even west directions according to Vastu Shastra

  • User Avatar
    05/02/2019 7:45:20 AM

    Is there any vastu tips for placing utensils in the kitchen?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      30/12/2019 2:02:26 PM

      Utensils can be placed as per your convenience

  • User Avatar
    31/01/2019 9:28:53 AM

    is there any puja we need to perform before placing gas stove in kitchen?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      30/12/2019 2:03:16 PM

      Puja to Agni Dev is considered auspicious after placing the stove in the kitchen

  • User Avatar
    31/01/2019 9:17:26 AM

    Blogs is interesting.. really we need to check vastu inside kitchen while placing cubboards? how can we decide which direction door and place is good for kitchen?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      30/12/2019 2:07:55 PM

      Doors can be placed either the way as per your convenience but stove should be placed facing the east direction