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Upanayanam is also known as Sacred thread ceremony, Janeu, Poonal ceremony, Yajnopavita. It is routinely known for being a Hindu sanskar, rite passage ritual, where the concept of Brahmin taught to a young boy. Children's brain full functioning starts only from the age of seven. To prove to the family and relatives, that child has developed well in intelligence and to gain a further expansion of the spiritual process, a very special function is directed sacredly ritualism and magnificently for a male child.

The Age for The Upanayanam Ceremony

The Upanayanam ceremony can be directed at the age of seven. Normally our actions can be divided into excellent, good and very good. To improve the spiritual nature in the boy in an extraordinary manner then, the sacred thread ceremony is directed at the age of 7, 9, 11 can be considered as excellent, very good, good.

This ritual conducted at the age of seven, is considered as Uthamam, at the age of nine considered as Madyamam, at the of eleven is considered as Adhama and above eighteen age as Adhamam. These details are given in ancient Shastras if a boy crosses eleven age, then the rule of conducting this ceremony only at the single-digit age which is not applicable. Then till the age of 18 age, any age can be direct to this ceremony. If a boy crosses 16 age then even the auspicious days and dates are not important.

upanayanam ceremony

Sacred Thread Ceremony / Upanayanam Procedure


Naandi can be performed to get the blessings from the family ancestors. A very special feast can prepare for that day. In Sanskrit, Naandi means beginning, So with naandi begins the true rituals for the functions. Normally during the naandi before Upanayanam, the brahmins are fed and different upacharams are offered to them.

Matru Bhojana

The mother is going to feed the boy or vatu or child along with the other four children. The Vatu sits along with his mother and other four children who have already done the sacred thread ceremony. Purohit will bless the child by chanting mantras.

Yagnopaveetha Dhaaranam

By the guidance of a guru, the janue thread is placed by the father across the boy's left shoulder. Then, Munja grass is tied around the child’s waist to save the child’s purity and keeps away the evil eye.


The supreme mantra that is Gayathri mantra can whisper in the child’s ear by the father who becomes the guru for the child.

Surya Darshanam

The child is taken out and asked to look the Lord Surya through a small hole formed by joining both the palms.


By saying Bhavathi Bikshamdehi the child asks for alms of rice from his mother and other women attending the ceremony. To control the ego, it can be done, which allows the young child to control his senses and then certainly receive Vedic knowledge.


Finishing of sacred thread ceremony the child seeks blessings from elders by doing namaskars. Then the child introduces himself by his name and Gothram.

Sandhya Vandanam

Sandhya Vandanam is a combination of rituals and meditation. The principles of yoga are the base on which the observances of Sandhya Vandanam are designed.


Significance of Upanayanam

Upanayanam is traditionally contemplated as equal to new birth in the religious world. The sacred thread strands stand for the purity of thoughts, acts, and words of the wearer. Through the Upanayanam ceremony, the child is introduced to the concept of Brahman and thus becomes certified to the way the life of a Brahmachari according to the guidelines of the Manusmriti. In Hinduism wearing sacred thread is extremely significant as it denotes the starting of education for the child.

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  • User Avatar
    16/03/2021 8:08:45 PM

    Hello sir. We are not Bramins. We are Padmasalier. My son 7 year now. Is it possible to do Upanayanam for my son?

  • User Avatar
    22/02/2021 2:27:09 AM

    Want to book for samashti ponal. Age 17 yrs.

  • User Avatar
    Sai Bharga
    19/02/2021 2:38:52 PM

    Hello sir, I am Sai Bhargav, my father was passed away in the year 2017. How can I unfergo the undergo the upanayanam ceremony .

  • User Avatar
    15/02/2021 6:52:08 AM

    Namaste.. Do we need to see gurbala to perform upanayana as my son is 7 and half yrs. Or all kids who are below 8 yrs no need to see gurbala. Plz answer. Thank you.

  • User Avatar
    Krishnakant Adav
    08/02/2021 4:21:22 PM

    Hello Sir. I am 17 year old Kshatriya boy and have been sincerely attarcted to the vedic way of life since I was a kid. But my father didn't believe in the supremacy of Vedas. He recently passed away and can I now go undergo the upanayana ceremony and start a new life?

  • User Avatar
    17/08/2020 3:05:32 PM

    The rituals of upanayanam scared thread ceremony is performed that makes the male chids entrance upon life of a student member of a religious community. is it true

    • User Avatar
      Shivaram Sharma
      19/08/2020 7:48:25 AM

      The rituals of upanayanam scared thread ceremony is performed that makes the mail chids entrance upon life of a student member of religious community.

  • User Avatar
    17/04/2020 2:00:02 PM

    Mama my son's upanayanam is fixed for July 2nd 2020...will I be able to conduct the function and get blessings from all my elder relatives who are not near to my place(Thrissur) some are in Chennai,Hyderabad and oman. expecting a good reply mama.

    • User Avatar
      Shivaram Sharma
      28/04/2020 8:01:15 AM

      Upanayanam can be done in a good way, by consulting purohit and to do certain rituals it is necessary to perform with well know pandit. Please contact pujari at +91 99163 44447 to know more details.

  • User Avatar
    Suchismita padhy
    13/04/2020 9:07:51 PM

    In this quarantine situation what best can be done as my son was suppose to get thread ceremony in march ,he is 13 and this is the last year as per hindu culture for this ritual....can it be done at home ...let me know please

    • User Avatar
      Shivaram Sharma
      16/04/2020 3:34:43 PM

      The ceremony has to be done in-between age of 7 to the marriage. Some people do upanayanam before marriage is done. In this situation it is not good to do ceremony please wait for the best time.

  • User Avatar
    07/02/2020 8:58:21 AM

    Can Yagnopavita be removed if it is torn?

    • User Avatar
      Shivaram Sharma
      15/02/2020 8:44:18 AM

      Yes, it can be removed and new one has to be worn by choosing the auspicious date.

  • User Avatar
    22/11/2019 8:41:29 AM

    Why is the ceremony of Upanayanam done only to Brahmin males and not for others?

    • User Avatar
      Shivaram Sharma
      22/11/2019 1:52:05 PM

      It is not like that only Brahmins can do Upanayanam. Anyone who follow the lifestyle according to Vedas can do the ritual.

    • User Avatar
      Sai tejas
      20/03/2021 8:58:35 AM

      Sir, what are you talking about, only males can get yagnopaveetham, not females, and there is a reason for that!

  • User Avatar
    Shrikant Suresh
    06/09/2019 1:38:45 PM

    Very elaborately explained about janeu and the process of wearing it. Why did the Kshatriyas and Vaisyas stop wearing the holy thread?

    • User Avatar
      18/10/2019 10:48:59 AM

      From the ancient days, Brahmins have the compulsory ritual to perform Upanayanam/thread ceremony. Kshatriya and other people may or may not perform the ceremony.

  • User Avatar
    03/09/2019 5:13:13 PM

    I'm a Brahmin girl who is going to marry a Christian. My mother wants to perform sacred thread ceremony for my boyfriend before marriage? Is it good to perform the ceremony? Is it needed really?

    • User Avatar
      sai tejas
      20/03/2021 9:00:38 AM

      it is needed, if he wants to learn scriptures, and if he wants live a satvic life! it will improve his ability to learn!

  • User Avatar
    31/08/2019 10:23:22 AM

    Why Upanayanam has given so much importance as a Brahmin ritual. Is it compulsory for a boy to do that ritual?

    • User Avatar
      Shivaram Sharma
      22/11/2019 1:56:41 PM

      Yes, it is compulsory to perform the ritual. It enhances the knowledge and well-being of the child