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Sathyanarayan puja is about showing gratitude to Lord Vishnu for blessing one with all good fortunes in life including an excellent career, well-settled family life, and other achievements. So at all occasions of success including those in business, at marriage functions, during the Namakaran ceremony, this puja is performed to glorify and dedicate the part played god in one’s achievements. 

satyanarayana puja

Lord Satyanarayana is a form of Lord Vishnu, who is worshipped by his devotees during the full moon days. Satyanarayana Vratha is a famous vratham(fasting) that will be observed by the devotees during the performance of Satyanarayana pooja. Though it is not compulsory to observe fasting, but observing fasting and worshipping the Lord with sincere dedication in our mind with fetch us the glory of the god and can attain peacefulness and prosperity in our life.

Lord Satyanarayana temple at Annavaram is a very famous temple dedicated to Lord Satyanarayana Swamy. A lot of devotees will visit this temple during Chitra Pournami, Karthika Pournami, and Vaishaka Pournami, and have the darshan of their favorite god Lord Satyanarayana. In this temple, free food is offered to hundreds of people on a daily basis. The lodging facility is also available at the temple at a nominal charge. Apart from the service by the temple management, a lot of hotels and private lodges are available for the devotees at Annavaram for taking shelter and having food.

Satyanarayan Puja Dates 2021

Date Month Day
28-01-2021 January Thursday
27-02-2021 February Saturday
28-03-2021 March Sunday
27-04-2021 April Tuesday
26-05-2021 May Wednesday
24-06-2021 June Thursday
24-07-2021 July Saturday
22-08-2021 August Sunday
20-09-2021 September Monday
31-10-2021 October Saturday
19-11-2021 November Friday
19-12-2021 December Sunday

Satyanarayan Puja Vidhi / Procedure

The Satyanarayana Puja is a kind of worship to Lord Satya Narayana. The importance of doing this puja is also mentioned in Skanda Purana and in several other sacred texts. Sri Satya Narayana puja is a famous ritual that is observed in most parts of India.

This puja is very simple and can be performed by anyone. We have to place a picture of Lord Satyanarayana and offer him with fruits and flowers, and we can do it in the temples and well as in our homes. We can invite our friends, relatives, and neighbors to attend the puja. After performing the puja, we can distribute the cooked food and the fruits to the participants of the puja. The Satyanarayana puja can be performed on any day, but performing the puja during full moon days, will give better results in our life. Another requirement of the puja is that the story is heard among all those observing and participating in the puja. The main puja starts with the worship of Lord Satyanarayana. The puja concludes with an Aarti, which consists of lighting camphor to the god.

Satyanaryan puja vidhi

The unique part comes in the second part when offerings are made to Pancha Lokapalaka, Navagrahas along with their companion and co-companions, and the eight Dikpalakas. The reach of offerings to such a range of deities is something only Sathyanarayan puja holds. This aspect makes it ideal for devotees as it is all-in-one-shot offerings to many important manifestations.

The final part or concluding part is enriched with invoking Sathyanarayan or Lord Vishnu and presenting him with offerings with utmost gratitude and devotion.

The Puja Vidhi in Simple Terms

  • Take a bath to clean and purify the body, mind, and soul
  • Prepare a Mandala and keep the image of the deity/idol of Lord Ganesha and Lord Satyanarayan ready
  • Perform the Ganesh Mantra Jaap and puja
  • Perform the Satyanarayan Puja Vidhi along with aarti and mantra Jaap
  • Recite all 271 verses of the famous Satyanarayan Katha
  • Perform the Homam (fire ritual)

Significance  of Satyanarayan Puja

The act of giving and taking is humane by nature. At the occasion of Sathyanarayan puja, devotees offer their gratitude for their success in lives for acquiring better achievements in the future.

Not just Lord Vishnu is satisfied, in the process of puja, many other relevant manifestations are equally satisfied. This makes Sathyanarayan puja highly recommended among devotees

It is a pleasant puja that is meant to perform at times of achievements including success in business, marriage, Namkaaran ceremony and so. This is an added advantage as the benefit of performance will be more if a group is around to take part and partake prasadam.

By performing Sri Satyanarayan puja, we can get the divine blessings and can relieve from sickness and obtain great strength in our mind and body. Good career prospects and wealth will accumulate in our life. It is also believed that those who perform Satyanarayana puja in their life continuously will never take rebirth and after their death, divine messengers from Vaikuntha will carry them to the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunda.

Hence let us worship the Lord Satyanarayana and perform the puja and be blessed.

The popularity of Satyanarayan Puja

There are several reasons for the mass popularity of Satyanarayan puja. First of all, it is one of the simplest and easiest rituals performed by Hindus. Secondly, anyone can perform this puja regardless of age or sex. Even widows can perform the Satyanarayan Vrata. Therefore, it proves that when God is concerned, barriers no longer exist. Only faith, sincerity and devotion counts while performing this ritual. Once again, this puja can be performed any time and on any day, though some days are considered to be more auspicious, such as Purnima and Ekadashi.

Check the Ekadashi Calendar List 

Spiritual Significance of Satyarayan Puja

Satya means Truth. Narayan means the one that abides in everything and everybody. Therefore, this puja, or the worship of Satyanarayan, a form of the Lord Vishnu, suggests that to overcome problems and difficulties in life caused either due to deeds of previous birth or similar factors can be overcome by worshipping the lord of Truth. Devoting time to the Truth and worshipping is a way of being truthful to oneself and being truthful to others. The more honest and truthful we come, the better we can worship Lord Narayan in ourselves as well as others.

satyanarayana puja

Bringing Friends and Families Together

The purpose of Satynarayan Puja is also to bring friends and family together and encourage unity and harmony. It is a common belief amongst Hindus that we should focus on universal happiness and unity. Thus, a celebration like this can make the world one fine place to gather together and offer prayers and rituals.

Occasions for performing the Satyanarayan Puja

Full moon days of every month known as Ekadashi, Karthika Purnima, Vaishaka Purnima, solar eclipse day or Makara Sankranthi day except on the month of Asada Candra masa.

It can also be performed on occasions like marriage, graduation, the start of a new job, to name a few.

Puja Samagri / Material required for Satyanarayan Puja

The following is a list of items needed for the puja. You can also buy these puja items online at our online store

  • Haldi (Turmeric powder)
  • Kumkum ( Red vermillion or Sindoor )
  • Navadhanya ( a mixture of nine herbs offered to Navagraha ( nine planets ) )
  • Incense sticks
  • Camphor
  • Sandal paste
  • A photo framed picture of Lord Satyanarayana
  • A small idol (or coin) of Lord Satyanarayana (optional)
  • wheat or jowar (not rice)
  • Betel leaves (100)
  • Betel nuts (50)
  • Coins (40)
  • Dry Dates/ Almonds (50)
  • Coconuts (8)
  • Flowers and floral garlands
  • Two jars (Silver, Copper, Brass, or even earthen) – one for Kalash and another for the ritual
  • Two flat plates
  • A bell
  • A large pidha table (for use as Altar)
  • A large yellow cloth (to cover the Altar)pit is the favorite color or Satyanarayana wears pitambar or yellow clothes
  • A piece of yellow or red cloth (for the Kalash)
  • A ghee lamp (with at least three wicks)
  • An oil lamp
  • Cotton wicks
  • Panchamrita (Uncooked mixture of milk, yogurt, honey, sugar, and ghee)

Good to have

  • Conch shell
  • One thousand Tulasi (Indian Basil) leaves, Tulasi Manjari (flower of Tulasi)
  • Banana tree/leaves as a canopy. White Tila or white sesame seeds are favorite of Lord Satnarayan. Rose is his preferred flower.

What is the cost of Satyanarayan Puja?

When it comes to affordability, Satyanarayan puja is common man’s favorite. The range differs as per customization, this enables customers to perform it in grand as well as in a medium manner.

Attractive packages including puja materials along with purohit are available with Puja N Pujari. Book pandit online to perform Satyanarayan Puja at Puja N Pujari.

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  • User Avatar
    Shailaja Survi
    10/12/2020 7:39:18 PM

    Namaste Pujari garu! In this December 2020, when can I perform Satyanarayana Swamy vratam in my home? Can we do it on vaikunta ekadasi (December 25, 2020)?

    • User Avatar
      21/12/2020 8:25:33 AM

      I do have the same query... Can we do Satyanarayan pooja on Dec 25th? Pls confirm Guruji.. Thanks and Regards Srinivasa DC

  • User Avatar
    21/08/2020 7:13:44 PM

    Is it compulsory to do satyanarayan puja if i bring ganpati at home for 10 days ?

  • User Avatar
    10/08/2020 5:13:05 AM

    Information is very helpful, thanks for helping to know.

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      10/08/2020 9:37:36 AM

      Thank you

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      16/08/2020 1:01:49 PM

      dear respected pujari Ji !! Are u from Melbourne vic?

  • User Avatar
    Mreenal Banik
    01/08/2020 4:10:06 PM

    Can Satyanarayan Puja along with Shaligram worshipped on 3rd August 2020 while narayan is sleeping?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      10/08/2020 9:36:31 AM

      Shaligram Puja is performed only on particular time during Prathah Kaal or Brahma Muhurat to get blessings from God.

  • User Avatar
    20/06/2020 8:30:56 PM

    Can I perform Satyanarayan Puja at home on 5th July 2020 ? Can you please let me know the timings - start and end time - of next Purnima on 4th July 2020. Apart from this dates , is there any other date in July 2020 when I can perform the Satyanarayan Puja. Thanks for your reply and confirmation.

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      06/07/2020 5:11:46 PM

      3rd August Monday is good to perform vrat to lord Satyanaraya. May this occassion brings you happiness in your life.

  • User Avatar
    parag mathkari
    26/05/2020 7:19:09 PM

    Shastri ji I want to perform satyanarayan puja at home by myself. But due to lock down betel leaves are not available is there any alternative to that

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      18/06/2020 5:28:13 PM

      Instead of Betel leaves you can use mango leaves if there is mango tree available to you. Or you can collect mango leaves from the nearby temples.

  • User Avatar
    07/05/2020 10:18:13 AM

    Can this pooja be performed in soona masam?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      11/05/2020 6:17:00 PM

      In shoonya masam, no pooja should be performed.

  • User Avatar
    17/04/2020 10:44:32 AM

    Puja has to be performed at home or temple. Can you please tell me which one is best to perform puja.

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      28/04/2020 9:58:28 AM

      It is best to perform puja at home if it is newly constructed. Otherwise it is good to do puja at temple.

  • User Avatar
    05/04/2020 4:50:27 PM

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  • User Avatar
    Saketh Kumar
    29/01/2020 12:34:34 PM

    Lord Satyanarayana and Lord Vishnu both are the same?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      07/02/2020 9:54:57 AM

      Yes, both Gods are the same. Lord Satyanarayana is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu

  • User Avatar
    Niranjan Tripathy
    23/12/2019 10:58:29 AM

    In January 2020, any good dates so that to perform Satyanarayan puja?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      31/12/2019 6:13:37 AM

      January 10th is good to perform Satyanaryana Puja

  • User Avatar
    Sreenivas M
    06/09/2019 2:19:09 PM

    Well explained the procedure about Satyanarayan Puja with puja material. Can I do Satyanarayan pooja myself in a simple way?? if possible can you describe about this

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      31/12/2019 6:10:50 AM

      Thank you, Satyanarayana Pooja has to be performed as explained in Vedas. We have the well-versed scholar purohits to do pooja in a good manner. visit:

  • User Avatar
    Suvarna chiliveri
    27/07/2019 12:59:07 PM

    Looking for poojari

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      18/10/2019 10:34:06 AM

      You can go through the below link to book Purohit