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  • Water. Splashing waves. Dropping droplets. Flowing streams. Moonlit lakes.
  • Everything holds a dear memory. The word - water, brings a smile when you think of scorching heat that summer brings in, now that it’s around the corner. Available abundantly in Nature, water is one of the primary sources of life. 
  • The fact that water is essential to the source of survival adds immense value to natural energy. Water holds positive energy within itself by default. Hence, it is also a store-house of positive energy. The fact can be explained with the below example.
  • When you come in after a hectic day at work, and splash water flowing from the tap on to your face, the sense of relief that sweeps over you is an apt example. 
  • The magic that water holds and draws everyone to itself is unparalleled. 
  • What makes water so mystical is something that does not have a definite answer. Each individual will have their own solution to the question.

Working of Indoor Water Fountain

Indoor water fountains follow a closed-loop system. The fountain’s water is recirculated by a small pump hidden well in the art. The water pump pulls water from the pool or reservoir, carries it via a tube to the first step of the fountainhead. Once done, gravity does the rest - water flows down the steps again and again.
Since the indoor water fountain recirculates the water, the self-contained fountain does not waste the water. The only way water is lost from the fountains is through evaporation. Even then it acts as an environment humidifier keeping the surrounding cooler. So all one has to do is periodically replenish the water that has evaporated.

Water Fountains Types

The experts who create the fountain craft a suitable environment to make it eye-pleasing enhancing interiors and decors of the area. Based on the space available at your home or office, you can get creative with decorative ideas. You can choose the best design that will enhance your home decor or add to the ambiance.

  • TableTop fountains: These fountains are aptly suited for small spaces, usually homes or offices. The tabletop fountains are the most popular at forms since they can be put up almost anywhere. The fountains are self-sustained. If you are artistic, you can actually build one yourself to decorate your interiors. With these, your creativity itself is the limit.
    Table top water foutain
  • Floor water fountains: If you have a little extra space at your home or office, you can put up floor installations. These are also self-sustained and can recirculate the water from the reservoir, as mentioned in the above section. Usually made of stones, the floor installations are beautiful as the naturally flowing water in itself.
    Floor water fountain
  • Wall-mounted Fountains: In case you hardly have space, you can opt to have a wall-mounted waterfall. For this, you need to have a sturdy mounting surface and supporting material to accommodate the weight of the fountain.
    Wall Mounted Fountains
  • Outdoor fountains: These are usually found in vast gardens. Beautiful designs and mesmerizing are compositions that make outdoor fountains popular with kids and adults alike. No wonder parks with flowing waters and fountains are the most popular evening get-aways after long and exhausting days. 
    Outdoor Fountains
  • Natural Fountains and Waterfalls: These are the best. No matter how creative a human brain can get, the naturally formed fountain and falls hold no match. In India, most of the popular trekking destinations will either end up with waterfalls or have a waterfall en route.
    Natural water fountains

Indoor Water Fountains Benefits

The following reasons may contribute to providing solutions, but then each individual will have a different answer to the question.

  • During sweltering days, water acts as a natural coolant and humidifier.
  • The sound of the flowing water in a calm environment acts as a stress reliever.
  • Feng-shui believes having flowing water in specific corners of a room can help you bring in wealth and peace.
  • The soothing melody of flowing water can also act as a medium for meditation.
  • Flowing water dispels negative energy and keeps the positive energy flowing in the environment it is present in.

With the above in mind, having at least a tabletop Indoor water fountain like Budhha, Ganesh Indoor fountains makes sense to - manage wealth, retain peace in the environment, and enhance the health of your near and dear ones.

Places to Install Indoor Water Fountains

  • The flowing water is soothing and graceful. According to Feng-shui sine flowing water symbolizes income. Hence, it would be best if you placed your fountains in the wealth corners of the living room, i.e. north, south-east, and south-west.
  • For best results, place the waterfall in front of the main door.
  • Also, add in Buddhist deity of wealth - Jambhala under 6 step waterfall can enhance your luck. Feng-shui experts also say placing a dragon as though its drinking water from the fountain can activate the wealth sector of your working spaces or home.
  • When placing these water fountains, make sure that you do not put a water fountain under the staircase. It will cluster negative energy and cause sickness. 

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  • User Avatar
    30/11/2020 11:31:47 AM

    How we can maintain the indoor water fountains ?

  • User Avatar
    26/05/2020 11:19:41 AM

    Should water fountain run all the time?

    • User Avatar
      Reshmita Rao
      18/06/2020 5:30:40 PM

      To create pleasant atmosphere in the house, running water is a good sign to be in the living room.

  • User Avatar
    Harika Sharma
    16/03/2020 12:32:42 PM

    Why placing an indoor water fountain has given importance?

    • User Avatar
      Reshmita Rao
      28/03/2020 9:21:23 AM

      Indoor water fountain improves calmness in the house and gives pleasant experience.