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The Amavasya day represents as New Moon Night or Day as per Hindu mythology. This day begins with a quarter of the lunar month. However, this day came every month and the moon is not visible on Amavasya. Meanwhile, it is one of Tithi of the Hindu lunar calendar. Nonetheless, the negative forces will strongest during the Amavasya, therefore, it considers as an inauspicious day. But it is auspicious for the new begin of farming the land to denotes the moon will grow concept the Hindu believe good dead will grow and also is a significant day for many rituals to perform on Tithi. The Amavasya falling on the weekday of Monday called Somvati Amavasya, and it is refers fasting for the progeny simultaneously, Amavasya falling on a weekend day of Saturday known as Shani Amavasya.

Importance of Amavasya

Generally, Amavasya is a dark moon day thence, this day evil spirit or Blackeye has more power, and the good spiritual power weaker than evil. So, during this day grandly, perform puja for all gods and offered the food to the crows. This day is most prominent in the worship of the shraddha ceremony, which is to invoke the ancestors on the day of all Amavasya days as well as you have to get a blessing from your ancestors and free from the Doshas and sins. The Amavasya day is also a commensurate day to perform Kalasarpa Dosha puja. The Amavasya day is for the Pitru or ancestor soul to get the blessing from the Pitru. The holy day of Amavasya to perform the all shraddha puja near the river.    

amavasya day

What avoid on Amavasya Tithi

On this day should not eat meat or non- veg as well as children should not take a head bath and should not start a new thing. Purattasi Amavasya is a great ego. In this period, some marriages do not perform. Because this period is considered to be entirely ancestors. This is a time when solutions are to be called, as well as tithing, donations, charities, solving problems between partners, solving the villains in property issues. Its highest is Mahamaya Amavasya.

Amavasya Dates 2020 with Timings and Nakshatra

Month  Amavasya Start Date Amavasya End Date Nakshatra Timings
January  24-01-2020  25-01-2020 Magha Jan 24 -2:17 AM - Jan 25 - 3:11 AM
February  22-02-2020  23-02-2020 Phalguna Feb 22 - 7:03 PM - Feb 23 - 9:01 PM
March  23-03-2020  24-03-2020 Chaitra Mar 23 -12:30 PM - Mar 24- 2:58 PM
April 22-04-2020 23-04-2020 Vaishakha   Apr 22 -5:38 AM - Apr 23- 7:55 AM
May 21-05-2020 22-05-2020 Jyeshtha   May 21 - 9:36 PM - May 22 -11:08 PM
June 20-06-2020 21-06-2020 Ashadha   Jun 20 -11:52 AM - Jun 21 - 12:11 PM
July 20-07-2020 20-07-2020 Shravana   Jul 20 - 12:10 AM - Jul 20 -11:02 PM
August 18-08-2020 19-08-2020 Bhadrapada   Aug 18 -10:40 AM - Aug 19 - 8:11 AM
September 16-09-2020 17-09-2020 Ashwina   Sep 16 - 7:57 PM - Sep 17- 4:30 PM
October  16-10-2020 17-10-2020 Ashwina   Oct 16 - 4:53 AM - Oct 17 - 1:01 AM
November  14-11-2020 15-11-2020 Kartika   Nov 14 - 2:18 PM - Nov 15 - 10:37 AM
December 14-12-2020 14-12-2020 Margashirsha   Dec 14 - 12:44 AM - Dec 14 - 9:46 PM


Pournami is a full moon night and as per Hindu religion considers one of Tithi of auspicious night, also it is prominent of Hindu religion. As per Hinduism believes the bright day is auspicious. Generally, the moon represents feminine power.

Traditionally, the pournami day comes every month, it depends on moon eclipse. Pournami Vratam and Sri Satyanarayana Puja, which observed on full moon day, as well as should observed one day before Purnima Tithi. Full moon day is an auspicious day for all mother Goddesses, on the day we get many blessings from the divine power.

Prominence of Pournami

The Pournami is a bright full moon night day and this day is a most auspicious day for Lord Shiva and Vishnu for amelioration ancestral lineage. However, the goddess has moon power. Traditionally, the Hindu people believe the moon administrates the mind and power of Beautiful similarly, that moonlight generates tranquility power and glorious skin simultaneously, Pournami shine our spiritual life.

pournami day

What to avoid on Pournami  

However, these days do not eat non-veg food because this day to worship for Lord Shiva. This Pournami puja indicates a bright full night. Generally, avoid starting new things, for the reason of after the day comes waxing moon. 

Pournami Dates 2020 with Timings and Nakshatra

Month  Purnima Start Date Pournami End Date Nakshatra Timings
January 10-01-2020 11-01-2020 Pausha Jan 10 - 2:34 AM - Jan 11-12:51 AM
February 08-02-2020 09-02-2020 Magha  Feb 08 - 4:02 PM - Feb 09 - 1:03 PM
March 09-03-2020 09-03-2020 Phalguna Mar 09 - 3:04 AM - Mar 09 - 11:17 PM
April 07-04-2020 08-04-2020 Chaitra Apr 07 - 12:01 PM - Apr 08 - 8:04 AM
May 06-05-2020 07-05-2020 Vaishakha May 06 - 7:45 PM - May 07 - 4:15 PM
June 07-06-2020 06-06-2020 Jyeshtha Jun 05 - 3:16 AM - Jun 06 - 12:42 AM
July 04-07-2020 05-07-2020 Ashadha  Jul 04 - 11:34 AM - Jul 05 - 10:14 AM
August 02-08-2020 03-08-2020 Shravana Aug 02 - 9:29 PM - Aug 03 - 9:28 PM
September 01-09-2020 02-09-2020 Bhadrapada Sep 01 - 9:39 AM - Sep 02 - 10:52 AM
October  01-10-2020 02-10-2020 Ashwina Oct 01 - 12:26 AM - Oct 02 - 2:35 AM
November  29-11-2020 30-11-2020 Kartika Nov 29 - 12:48 PM - Nov 30 - 2:59 PM
December 29-12-2020 30-12-2020 Margashirsha Dec 29 - 7:54 AM - Dec 30 - 8:58 AM


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  • User Avatar
    10/11/2020 10:46:14 AM

    Why do some people behaves like mad in Amavasya & Purnima?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      12/11/2020 8:25:11 AM

      The relation between moon and mindset is accidental and highly dependent on situations and persons. A full moon is an exciting sight for most of the people.

  • User Avatar
    17/09/2020 6:24:44 PM

    Is it good to do fasting on Purnima days or on Amavasya please suggest me.

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      06/10/2020 11:03:07 AM

      It is good to do fasting on Purnima days to have a healthy life.

  • User Avatar
    27/08/2020 11:19:34 AM

    On the day of amavasya is it good to perform puja for God. What helps me to give better results on new moon day.

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      15/09/2020 9:04:24 AM

      Yes it is good to perform devi puja and to goddess Lakshmi to fulfill your desires and gives good results to the people who do dhyana and Japa.

  • User Avatar
    Alka Samrit
    19/07/2020 7:14:56 PM

    I want to buy musical instrument and start learn music so what's best day for it??

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      10/08/2020 8:50:54 AM

      On the day of panchami, you can start learn music. Panchami is the good day to start learning of music and to buy musical instruments.

  • User Avatar
    06/06/2020 6:06:06 AM

    Ok, it looks like you cant start new things on Amavasya or Pournami. So when we can we start new things?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      18/06/2020 4:57:50 PM

      On the day of Pournami people can start new things. Ekadasi, Chaturdashi, Dwadashi, Trayodasi are the good days to perform puja.

  • User Avatar
    Siddu Malajure
    08/01/2020 1:47:37 PM

    On which day is it good to do Lord Chandra Puja?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      25/01/2020 7:55:11 AM

      On Pournami days, especially in the evening, it is dedicated to Lord Chandra. Special pujas are done on the day of full moon day to get fulfillment, and happiness.