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The most important and awaited festival is Ganesh Chaturthi. The Ganesh festival creates a colorful and full of a fun atmosphere. The whole country celebrates the Ganesh Chaturthi occasion with extreme zest. Lord Ganesh is said to be extremely jovial and simple at heart. So it doesn’t take much time to please lord, Ganesh.

Every year we think of new ways to decorate our house to please the deity. This festival is the time to go all innovative and come up with new decorations ideas. Here are some beautiful Ganesh decoration ideas for you. Decorate the Mandap with lights and flowers and welcome Ganapathi.

Simple Flower Decoration Ganesha

Without flowers, Ganapathi puja is not complete. With fresh flowers decoration, is the better way of home decor at Ganapathi. Choose different flowers of shades and arrange them in a beautiful pattern. At the top of the mandap, arrange the flower decoration in the form of the bouquets, round in shape.

 Flower decoration of Ganapathi

Ganesha Decoration With Balloons

Balloons always a good way to brighten the decorations. So, go for balloon decoration as the back of the Lord Ganapathi idol. The idol front, Two side pillars also decorated with different color balloons it looks very attractive. It is very easy, consumes less time to decor the Mandap with balloons. These balloons welcome the god Vinayak.

ganesh decoration with balloons

Ganesh With Lotus Decoration

Lotus theme decoration is amazing for your Ganesh. This lotus decoration made from the paper it is very easy, when you place your idol in the middle of paper lotus looks awesome. If you want to make it by yourself at home using the Thermocol sheet if you feel you can’t design it better to buy in the market. This lotus decoration gives an elegant look for the Ganesh. 

ganesh decoration with lotus

Peacock Decoration

To create this peacock theme, use the table. Place the idol in the middle of the table.

Keep thermocol peacock in the front of the Ganapathi idol and peacock feathers in the backside of the idol. Use your favorite color to coloring the thermocol peacock.

ganesh decoration with peacock

Colored Papers Fans Decoration With Fairy Lighting Effect

To decorate the Mandap playfully, vibrantly use a different color of papers. If you want you can do it yourself at home, get colorful papers, used for art and skill, in bright colors to make your decoration stand out. Fold the papers to make the circular shape, half-circular pinwheels, paste them on the backside of the mandap and for good looking cover the entire room with them. For bright and fairy looking used some lighting effect, it gives an awesome look to your Puja Mantap.

Colour Paper Decoration of Ganesh

Carrom Board Ganesha Decoration

These Ganesha is decorated with a carrom board and its coins. During the making of Eco-friendly Ganesha, is attached to the carrom board. Puja mandir is decorated with carrom coins. It looks very beautiful. Lord Ganesha idol both sides two carrom coins gopurams are available, by seeing it, we feel like a temple. Puja bell also placed in the front of the Ganesh idol. Lord Ganapathi decorated with green grass garlands and flowers, then different types of food items are offered like bananas, coconut, laddu, etc. For entire puja mandir slightly lighting effect also arranged.

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  • User Avatar
    Banu Chandar
    14/05/2020 11:13:14 AM

    Excellent ganesh decoration ideas for Chaturthi. Its help us to get more ideas to prepare decoration at home.

  • User Avatar
    Jash bikram mohapatra
    07/02/2020 9:02:34 AM

    Can we do decoration with chocolates for Ganesh Puja?

    • User Avatar
      Pratap purohit
      15/02/2020 8:52:22 AM

      Chocolates are not considered as fresh food, it is not suggested to do decoration with chocolates.

  • User Avatar
    28/11/2019 8:22:53 AM

    Very excellent blog of new ideas, i have shared your ideas in my blog also

    • User Avatar
      Pratap purohit
      21/12/2019 7:38:35 AM

      Thank You

  • User Avatar
    31/08/2019 10:33:44 AM

    Very nice information you shared about different decoration ideas of Ganesha. Very helpful for me to do the decoration at home. As well as the method you explained make me feel better to do decoration with different ideas. Mentioned the required material helped me a lot

    • User Avatar
      Pratap Purohit
      30/12/2019 6:50:54 AM

      Thank you