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Reviews for Popular Cotton & Ghee Wicks

November 25, 2020

Ghee Wicks 100 Pcs

I am purchasing all puja related puja items from pujanpujari. Thanks for providing the best puja products . This is the 10th time , received this cotton ghee wicks , same quality with best price

Prateek Kumar
June 17, 2020

Ghee Wicks 100 Pcs

I purchased the these ghee wicks third time for daily pooja worship. Great diyas and it burns enough time without leaving any mess. I Highly recommend the product to every one.

June 11, 2020

Ghee Wicks 100 Pcs

I liked the ghee wicks very much. Easy to use and not leave much residue after burning. But these products are little bit mixed with wax not completely cow ghee.

May 20, 2020

Ghee Wicks 100 Pcs

Great quality product and very easy to use in daily pooja. I didn't get any smoke while burning the ghee wicks.I liked the product.

May 19, 2020

Ghee Wicks 100 Pcs

Very well packed, I'm glad that I have ordered from Puja N Pujari. This is not 100% pure ghee, I think pure ghee don't come in the shape. Still there is ghee smell. Overall it is a great purchase

May 18, 2020

Ghee Wicks 100 Pcs

The ghee wicks quality is good and made of purly cow ghee.Its get decent smell and I used to use in daily pooja.

Anuradha Shetty
January 8, 2020

Cotton Long Wicks for Puja

Nice cotton wicks, quality is also good.... recommended to buy for all

December 11, 2019

Akhanda Jyoti Cotton wicks

it is more than expected and the quality of cotton wicks is superb. i am a happy customer. each piece is neat. Thanks for your wonderful work which brought smile on my face

Buy Cotton Wicks Online In India @ Puja N Pujari

Puja N Pujari is a spiritual formation for all puja. And we have various types of cotton wicks for puja. These wicks are made from cotton. It can be used for oil lamps to lighting the Diya. There is a tradition in India lighting Diya with cotton wicks. Lighting Diya brings light, auspicious in the home. Lighting lamp with ghee wicks gives blessings from goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Wicks are the symbol of energy and it gives special benefits. Cotton ghee wicks help to increase fortune and removes negativity by filling the atmosphere with positive energies. On our website, we have cotton wicks, ghee wicks, Arti cotton wicks, Akhanda Jyoti wicks, cotton long wicks for puja. Buy these cotton wicks and perform puja will get blessings from gods and goddesses.

Significance of Cotton Wicks 

Cotton wicks can be used for a longer time of oil lamp burning. These cotton wicks are made from the small thread of the stem of the plant. When you burned cotton wicks to destroy and remove negativity or evil energy from the surrounding environment, body, and mind, it will give the splitting, miraculous capacity and power. These can be used in any oil lamps, it burns a long time. Cotton wicks are the most important and easiest available wick. By lighting, cotton wicks in daily puja will get good fortune.

Cotton Ghee Wicks

Cotton ghee wicks light symbolizes the positivity, knowledge, peace. It is very auspicious in Hinduism. The lighting of Diya removes the darkness of the house and it removes evil forces. Ghee wicks are very important during Lakshmi Ganesha puja and daily puja because these wicks are very auspicious to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. She is the symbol of Wealth and fortune and god Vinayaka is the symbol of the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge that makes the perfect life. By doing so it is trusting that welcome the deities to come and bless us.

Wicks Can Be Used in Different Vegetable Lamps

Wicks can be used in different vegetable lamps, nowadays many people are using vegetable lamps like coconut lamps, Chukandar lamps, lemon lamp, and pumpkin lamps. These lamps have their own significance. For lighting, these all diyas cotton ghee wicks can be used.

  1. The chukundar lamp can be inflamed with cotton ghee wicks, This is said to appease mangal grah And welcomes peace and purity.
  2. Coconut lamps can be inflamed with the wick is then put on to it with ghee or oil. This is said to be gaining good fortune and wealth.
  3. Lemon lamps can be inflamed in some special religious, ceremonies, or festivals.

Pavitra Puja Kapus Vastra

The words Kapu means Cotton and Vastra means Cloth. It can be used as clothing to the deities during puja or after Abhishek. It is made from pure cotton and handmade wick.

Arti Cotton Wicks Diya Bati

These Arti cotton wicks can be used to light the Oil Lamps or Diya. It can be used in many rituals, daily puja or any other ceremonies. In our website per unit, we are giving 200pcs, And its length is 1.5inches.

Akhanda Jyoti Cotton Wicks

These deepam wicks are also known as Kapus Vastra. Cotton is one of the purest staple fiber. It can be used in Akhanda Jyothi. Per unit, 11pcs will come, and its length is 11inches.