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Puja thali is also known as the pooja plate, used to keep the puja accessories. We are using during any occasion or rituals. The Hindu household arranging pooja thali during rituals in commonly, during the festivals, functions, and marriage, particularly in Hindu people decorating when performing puja, fasting, Traditional welcome from the thali set in new person or couple.

Pooja plate made by the gold, silver, steel, and brass materials for durable quality, it may be in different shapes like oval, leaf, rounded, and other shaped. It may be cheap or cost based on the material.

Materials for Pooja Thali:

Kumkum and turmeric holder


Agarbatti stand

glass with spoon

Puja bell or ganthi

Holy water container

Mangal kalasha

Camphor stand

Flowers and sweets

Akshata(unbroken rice grains)

Decoration of Pooja Thali in different ways:

Decorate the thali with colorful fancy packing paper and cloth or other material then arranging the puja accessories into the thali, instantly you can spread over the butter on the plate and to take Roli in a small bowl and mixture with less amount water and make a paste for draw the Holi symbol of ‘OM’’Swastika’and ‘Shree’ on the Thali plate. ·

You could cover the thali plate with Betel leaves to shows the green look of fulfillment, when you keep the puja accessories in the thali. It will provide a beautiful look firmly,

Arranging multi colors of flower petals of Rose, Marigold, and bellflower for decorating on the thali set and decorate in single color or give mixture petals for showing a different look, and also decorate with various colors and placed the Diya on over thali.

You could arrange to the thali with rice grains and keep the flower, diya, fragrance sticks, and prasad holder.

If you need to innovate in puja thali into decorating with water paint to making various kind of colorful motifs same as swastika and Om, and also paste fancy stickers on the thali it is a quick and unique look.

Pooja Thali Set with all pooja samagri items:

Brass Pooja Thali Set with all pooja samagri items:

Brass puja thali set with all pooja items

Lakshmi Ganapathi Pooja Thali set:

lakshmi ganapathi pooja thali

Brass Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali:

brass karwa chauth puja thali

Diwali Pooja Thali

diwali pooja thali

Aarti Pooja Thali:

aarti puja thali

Rakhi Pooja Thali:

rakhi pooja thali


Buy Pooja Thali Online:  

You can present a Pooja Thali as a gift for a family member or a close friend on any occasions.

Puja N Pujari offers a wide variety of Pooja Thali set Online and competitive prices so that you don’t have to think before placing the order to present as a gift.

Our establishment provide silver pooja thali set, gold puja thali set and brass puja thali set in online with exclusive prices.

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  • User Avatar
    15/09/2020 10:11:40 AM

    How to decorate pooja thali set?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      18/09/2020 4:39:18 PM

      We can decorate pooja thali set with lots of colors and flowers to make it beautiful and with the fancy mirrors and lace with decorative diyas.

  • User Avatar
    Smriti Pathak
    10/02/2020 8:31:01 AM

    Can we place Ragi puja items in puja thali set?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      02/04/2020 8:13:12 AM

      Yes, Ragi puja items can also be used to perform Puja.

  • User Avatar
    Nagesh HR
    03/12/2019 7:30:26 AM

    Is it good to place copper puja thali set at puja mandir?

    • User Avatar
      Satish Sastri
      30/12/2019 7:49:45 AM

      Copper and Silver both can be used as puja thali set and are considered to be sacred.