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Diwali is a famous and most awaited festival in Hinduism. Diwali is a festival of lights. During those days people like to decorate their houses with different types of Diya’s, lights, rangoli’s, toran’s, wall paintings, etc. Lighting lamps have special significance on Diwali day. Here we are providing some Diwali decoration ideas with different items. If you decorate your home with these ideas, your house will get elegant, bight and beautiful look on this Diwali.

Rangoli Painted and Decorated with Diyas

creative rangoli for diwali decoration

Rangolis are very important for any festival or any auspicious occasions. Generally, rangolis has done with rangoli color powders and flowers. To give beautiful, bright and uniqueness to the rangoli, you can place designer, handcrafted Diya’s. It can increase the beauty of the rangoli and bestows traditional look to this Diwali. It is essential during Lakshmi puja, to invite the Goddess Lakshmi Devi into your home. Below are the Rangoli designs for Diwali.  

Lord Ganesh Special Rangoli Design

Colourful Ganesha with peacock rangoli design

Lord Ganesha's face rangoli design is very famous during Diwali and Vinayak Chaturthi festivals. It looks very beautiful. For making this rangoli different types of colors are used. In the above Ganesha's face, the peacock feather is designed very beautifully. 

Peacock with different Rangoli Designs

Colourful Peacock Rangoli Design

This peacock design rangoli designed with many colors. It is suitable for any auspicious occasions like Diwali, Navaratri, etc. You can decorate this rangoli with the candles, it gives a very bright look to your home during the Diwali festival. Color combinations also very good. It takes less time to draw the rangoli.

Multi Colour Rangoli Flower Designs

Multi colour Rangoli Design

The flower design rangoli designed with the help of multi-colors. It is a very big rangoli design, it takes twenty minutes to draw. In that multi-color flower rangoli, different types of flower designs are included. Only light colors are used, it gives an elegant look to your home during any auspicious occasion.

Diya with Mirrors Designed for Home Decor

Torans for diwali

New Toran Designs are very important for any auspicious festivals or occasions. By hanging these torans on the main door, it welcomes the guests. Torans are also known as wall hangings. This Diya’s toran is very good for the Diwali festival, it creates Diwali festival mood to the family members. So, they celebrate the festival very happily and joyfully. You can reuse this toran for next year's festival, it is not a use and through. It gives a nice look to your home.

Beads and Mirror Designed Torans for Door

Beads and Mirror Design Torans for Door

This beads and mirror designed toran is traditionally designed with heavy material. For this beautiful and bright colors are used. It gives a pleasant and bright look to your home. It is a uniquely designed one, and one of the auspicious festival decoration to your home door.

Beads and Bell Door Toran

Door Torans with Bells and Beads

Beads and bell door toran is a traditional toran. It is a handmade toran with the help of beads and bells. It can be used on many auspicious occasions like Diwali, Navaratri, housewarming, etc. It is very perfect toran for your colorful and bright festival Diwali. By hanging this toran to your doors goods spirits will improve and wards off the negative forces.

Flower Design Door Torans

Flower Design Toran for door

Flower design door torans are a very good option, these are easily washable. After hanging flower design toran to your door, it gives natural flowers look to your home. These are suitable for gifting purposes. These can be made from the best quality cloth and plastic. It is suitable for many auspicious occasions like marriages, Diwali, housewarming, etc.

Flower Designed Candle Diyas

Flower Shaped Candles

Flowers are an important part of Diwali decorations. If you place these flower-shaped candles anywhere in your home, it adds newness and a good look at the house. Keep brass utensils and place the flower shaped candles on it, it bestows bright and beautiful designer diyas for Diwali.

Candle Designed with Flowers and Beads

Flower and Beads design candle

The candle is designed with beads and flowers, it looks very beautiful. Around the candle, firstly beads, then flowers are designed. It is one of the best decoration ideas for the Diwali festival. By lighting a candle, it gives a very good look with flowers and their properties.

Candle designed with Pink and Red Roses

Pink and Red roses designed candle

This colorful candle is designed with small beads, pink, and red color roses. Roses are the more beautiful flowers compared to other flowers. Around the candle firstly beads, then red and pink color rose flowers are designed. It is a very colorful designed candle for house decor during the Diwali festival.

Candles Designed with Pink Colour Roses and Beads

Pink coloured roses and and beads designed candles

This bright look candle designed with beads and pink color roses. In this design both small and bid beads are used. Around the candle in a single round they are designed, by lighting the candle, it gives a bright look to the home. It looks very simple and perfect home decor candle for this year's Diwali festival.

Candles Designed with Red and Yellow Roses

Red and yellow roses candles

This colorful candle designed with red and yellow color roses. It looks very nice, it is designed without beads. Around the candle in single round yellow, green leaves, and red color roses are designed. This color combination very good. It is a very good gift item, you can give to your loved ones.

Ganesh Photoframe for Wall Hanging

wall paintings and murals

Nowadays, people like to decorate their walls with wall paintings and murals. Mainly they prefer religious wall paintings such as Swastik symbol, Kalasha, Lord Ganesh, Om symbol, etc designs can bestow a great and spiritual look to the walls. Generally, Green, yellow, red, indigo colors are good for such type of paintings. Many liked to decorate their walls with painting differently than other walls that can add a various sense of color. Auspicious colors only used for those types of paintings.

Kundan Designed Colourful Paper Wall Hangings

Colourful Paper and Kundans Design for Wall Hanging

Kundan designed colorful paper wall hangings are a very good option for your home decor. By hanging it to your home doors, it can bring charm to the entry door of your sweet house. It looks elegant and stylish with its special properties of pearls and colorful papers.

Colourful Paper Design for Wall Hangings

Colourful Paper Design for wall hanging

The colorful paper design wall hangings are suitable for your home decor at the Diwali festival. In that wall hangings, Happy Diwali paper snickering is there, it looks very beautiful. Deepam symbols also there, so it is a very great option for Diwali decoration.

Creative Woollen Torans Designed for Wall Hangings

Designed with woollen for wall hangings

The creative woolen torans are designed for the house doors. This wall hanging is designed with woolen and yellow, red, and green colors are used. It is also Diya shaped hanging, and it is one of the best Diwali decoration ideas.

Beads Designed Ganesh Wall Hangings

Ganesh and Beads design wall hangings

Beads designed Ganesh wall hangings are designed with colorful beads. It is a traditional wall hanging and is handmade. It is ideal for Diwali home decoration. This toran will create the best impression on your guests.

Diyas Designed and Painted with Different Colours

Handmade painted Diyas

Diwali festival is incomplete without Diya’s. Thes Diya's made from pure clay and natural colors. These are handmade earthen Diya’s, these are very special and good for lighting, during the Diwali festival. Decorate your home with these Diya’s, it will give a beautiful and elegant look to your house.

Well Designed Clay Diyas

Multi coloured Clay Diyas

The clay Diyas made from pure clay and are handmade. These are uniquely designed for the Diwali festival. On the Diwali festival, the lighting of clay Diyas gives a unique design to your home. These Diyas can bring brightness and happiness to the home. It removes the darkness in your home.

Trishulam Designed Diya for Diwali

Trishulam designed diya for diwali

These beautiful designed clay Trishulam Diya’s made with pure clay. It is a trident design and hand-painted Diya’s. This Diwali festival is incomplete without the colorful Diya’s. Place these colorful Thrishulam designed lamps near the entrance of your home, the gods and goddess will give their divine blessings to your family members.

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    How can I decorate my puja room for Diwali ?

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    17/08/2020 2:57:50 PM

    How we can decorate home for diwali any ideas?

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      19/08/2020 7:46:42 AM

      We can design in color papers lampshades and with glass jars, colorful rangolis , flowers candles paper cups lightning we can decorate hanging flowers also

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    Candle designed flowers and beads are available at your store?

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    22/11/2019 8:40:27 AM

    What is best theme idea to decorate an office as a Diwali decoration?

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      Reshmita Rao
      19/12/2019 9:51:52 AM

      Decorating the before day of Diwali with Kundan design colorful paper wall hangings will be attractive.

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    16/10/2019 10:44:39 AM

    Very nice idea of sharing decoration with variety of diyas, for Diwali festival. I like the decoration of flower candle Diyas.

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      Thank you.