Arka Deepam
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Arka deepa

Arka deepa is a divine concept of Lord Surya which is used centuries back by maharajas. Now for the first time Shri Dr. Maharshee Anand guruji is bringing it for the society of common man from the most literate, poor to a rich person. Arka deepa in ancient India during a vedic period or earlier. It was practiced by maharajas, rajas with under the guidance of sages and rishis the pancha indriyas which indicates the 5 elements of the universe namely Fire, Water, Air, Sky, and Earth.


  • Elimination of problems in the house, vastu.
  • Eliminating elements of witch magic.
  • Eliminate the black spell..
  • Eliminate the severe bad evil effects of blackspell of witch magic.
  • Help clearing debits.
  • Improves the economical and financial condition.
  • Helps in getting back the pending/outstanding money of prolonged period victory in court case,property related problem victory.

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